An End For A Beginning

 It is the end of another school year. 4th grade for my son. Today is the last day and he hasn’t gone to school all week. Nor will he be going to school in the public school next year. This is it for my son. Home school here we come! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have great friends! It makes me extremely happy to know he has some amazing kids in his life.

Yesterday one of his best friends came over and brought all of his school work and his year book for him! It was so nice and a lovely surprise. All the times of me telling him you don’t need 20 friends you just need a few really, really good ones has paid off. He really must have been listening because that’s what he has. I have no worries that his year or years of homeschooling will go great knowing he has great friends that he will see and support him as well as his awesome family.

Today we go to his school for the last time (for him) to pick up his report card. An ending to something in such a small town that I grew up that means so much. But having a new beginning that will bring so many different things for him. Its exciting and scary but I believe all so necessary for him to excel!

The challenge soon begins!



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