Always Learning

As the days go by and I continue to home school Levi, I enjoy watching him understand what he is learning. Some days are definitely better than others but lately he is into what he’s learning and progressing a great deal.

He is taking a science test today that I know he will do fabulous! For the past 2 week he has created his own inventions and become a scientist. He has always loved to build things and now he has learned to create a blue print or rough draft drawing of his inventions with labels. Then create them! It’s been an exciting unit!

At beginning of the school year trying to teach him algebra was a pain but now he is doing algebraic fractions and flourishing!

I gotta say, not only am I feeling smart but I’m feeling like a good teacher! All of these things are reassuring me that pulling him out of school was a good choice!

I’m ready to enjoy our day of learning new things together!


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