Almost The End

I think I might be ready to go home now. Or maybe not home just somewhere else! I know when I go home it’s going to be cleaning, school work, yard work and possibly packing.

As I watch my kids play down here in the city it hits me that they have realized, the city sucks! Unless you take the kids somewhere to do something all the time or live extremely close to the park or something, there isn’t much to do. When the houses are all crammed together and the backyards are smaller than the front yards.  When you can hear the neighbors conversations or the other neighbors who yell…a lot! And every damn dog in the neighborhood seems to bark at the same time!!

My kids are definitely not city kids. They have already asked when we are going home. I have spent a obsene amount of money taking them to the movies, buying bread to feed ducks, going to the fair (that was very expensive), squirt guns and water toys, snacks and new movies. Yes, if we weren’t at my mother in laws and on a family vacation we would be spending lots of money but it would be different. We’d probably be somewhere there was a pool and the money we’d be spending would be on food and sunscreen (and booze) because we’d be by the pool most of the time.

We have all had a good time though and they’ve had a good taste of the city life. Knowing if they want something the store is literally around the corner. As well as the movies and the mall. But also knowing they can’t roam wherever they want to without us. The back yard is their playground and it’s small. At the same time we are not staying in the house all day so we better figure out what to do and it’s HOT!

Well kids, our time is almost up and we head home tomorrow. Not without an extra dog to care for though so their work is not quite done yet. But we will be back in our own routine with a 40 acre back yard where the kids can roam freely!


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