Almost Ready!

Yesterday I finally wrote a list. A list of what I needed to get for Christmas for my kids and the few others that I do buy for.

I had already done one small stint of online shopping so my list was surprisingly small. I immediately went online and purchased everything from my list! Wallah! No stores for the major shopping. No fighting through crowds of Ass Holes. I do still need to get stocking crap and clothes for my kids but all the major stuff is done! Let’s hope it all gets here on time like it says it will!

This year has been the one year I have lagged so hard in shopping. I am usually done and have everything wrapped by now. I just did not want to shop. I still don’t want to shop. Amazon made it easier for me!  I didn’t have to leave my dinning room!

The kids are getting older and I can not believe that Levi still believes! I love that the magic is still there but that only makes it that much harder with his age! I know I have to cherish it while I can because soon the magic will be gone for him and with my luck he will ruin it for his sister…. he might not do it on purpose but he would do it! So, I’m getting the most out of it while I can!

Is anyone else ready for Christmas?


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