Allergies And Answers

Tomorrow is the day!

The day Delylah gets her allergy test done here in Texas! Finally!

In California, she had allergies. They were bad but not so bad that I had to keep her from going outside. There are times her allergies are so bad, that even with her meds she can’t go outside. The poor girl is a leaky faucet. Her eyes, her nose and no amounts of essential oils, Neti Pot usage or steam showers help. She is just flat-out ALLERGIC to the pollen that is out there.

I’m hoping that the results of the new test will result in a med change and referral to the ENT for possible removal of her tonsils and adenoids. We also went through this in California. Since moving here where her allergies are so bad, she has become a constant snorer and mouth breather. Her tonsils are so enlarged they are obstructing her airway. But of course, they just wanted to give us a medication to help with that.

To do the allergy test she must not be on any medication. If you have severe allergies or even seasonal allergies, you know when it’s allergy time you take your medicine everyday. One day without medicine brings on the sneezing, itchy watering eyes, running nose and clogged ears. At least for Delylah. It usually always turns into a major sickness from there, which is why she stays on her allergy meds. Since Saturday she has been off her meds and going through 2-3 boxes of tissues a day. Only permitted to go outside to catch the bus and come home. Fortunately, she understands her position and understands that this time last year she had pneumonia and soon after that a double ear infection which all started from allergies.

Once we get her allergies under control she does great! They’ve been good, just severe and we wanted to be sure as to what she was allergic to since moving. The pollens have changed and her medication may need changing too. We have lived here for 9 months and changed the air filters in the house twice now. She has an air purifier in her room alone. The windows never get opened and I dust constantly with a wet duster so I don’t spread it. I take every precaution necessary to assure her health.

I am excited for tomorrow and to get Delylah moving on to the outside world again!!!

Today is love day and I’m loving it already! Happy, Healthy (for the most part), and ready for anything! Levi woke up in the most fantastic mood. Laughing and smiling! I’m going to enjoy the day with my beasties!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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