All The Ways My Friday Is Going To Be Fabulous!!

After our fabulous vacation last weekend and our extremely busy week, we have made it to FRIDAY!

What a FABULOUS FRIDAY it will be!

Today is the only day of the week I have no appointments, nothing to do at the kids schools and no extra curricular activities for the kids. I get to do whatever I want. Even though it’s only for today, it will be fabulous!

Delylah’s buddy gets to ride the bus home with her today. She is only staying for a couple of hours but the girls were stoked yesterday and looking forward to it! They will have so much fun!

Friday means Meditation Class. One of my favorite classes at the yoga studio. Grounding, focused, bringing awareness to my own energy and all about me.

Delylah woke up at 5 am with Levi and I. The kids will be exhausted before 8 pm. This is both fabulous and not fabulous…. I see attitudes in my future.

We can swim today with no obligations to have dinner done by a certain time or be in bed by a certain time because tomorrow is Saturday. It’s hot here and the pool feels fantastic! Can’t wait to take advantage of that.

In fact, maybe I won’t make dinner at all! Cereal, order pizza, ice cream. Those all sound like acceptable Friday dinner choices to me!

With only 6 days left of school they aren’t doing much and have no homework. Delylah gets to take blankets, pillows and books to school today for “Chill Time.” And Levi comes home in a great mood everyday which is Fabulous!

I may or may not start painting a hall way or another wall in the house now that Delylahs bathroom is finished. It’s Friday and I have no other obligations so I can do what I want. Whether I do start a wall or not, it’s Fabulous that I’m at least thinking about it!

The day doesn’t have to be Grand to be Fabulous. Maybe just sitting and watching a grown up movie will make it Fabulous. (I won’t be doing that but if I did, I would be damn sure to make it Fabulous) Having time to read your favorite book or catch up with friends will make it Fabulous. A trip to the gym or yoga. It doesn’t have to be a monumental thing that makes the day Amazing!

What is making your Friday Fabulous today?


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