My body hates me this morning. A couple of delicious martinis and a small bag of pistachios is apparently not a good choice when you haven’t been drinking and only eating super clean. Thank you Grey Goose, for proving once again, that I’m an idiot.

Whether I feel good or not can I say it was worth it? No, I can’t even do that. While I have been restricted in my abilities because of my surgery and unable to do almost anything, I thought it would be nice to just have a drink or 2 with Travis and forget that my boob hurts. This is not the first time I have thought drinking was a good idea and I’d get to relax.

Let me give you some examples….

I had been super stressed before the move and my brother invited us over for a BBQ. I started with a beer and thought to myself “Just let it all go.” Moved on to Grey Goose and didn’t remember being carried to my car by my brothers while my husband took care of me for the rest of the night. Not only that, but the entire next day I died!

We had a get together for the UFC fights one night. (again in California) Another, “Just let it all hang out night.” That night my hair was dyed blue and purple. I have video of me rubbing Travis’ belly while belting out some Journey. All moments from this night are vague. The next day I died again….I sat on the couch watching Legends of the Fall while text after text came in of my escapades.

My best friend and I decided one night when we ran out of mixers that it was ok to mix whatever in with our vodka. It was not ok! My entire house was a mess the next day, not to mention the mess we had become together. I know she died and I was on my way…

Another night with my best friend, only this time at her house. We went from white wine to vodka. Glasses ended up broken and I woke with vomit all over me and the blanket I passed out with. Another day I died…

A Vegas trip. A strip club. Travis’ birthday. Alcohol. I don’t need to know details to know this was a bad combination. Another day of dying.

We had a jam night in the house before we bought it. (not this one, in California) Again with the damn Grey Goose. Surrounded by friends and playing music all night. Until I all of sudden decide It’s time for me to be sick. For a few days….

Alcohol is not my friend. If it weren’t for other people, I wouldn’t even know some of these details. The sad thing is, I can still recall moments I died the next day because of alcohol. Seattle, The family reunion, another one of Travis’ birthdays. When I got pregnant with Levi in 2004, I didn’t drink again until after Delylah was born in 2010. Yes, it can be fun to have a drink but even 1 drink screws up my body and my head enough for me to act retarded and die the next day. Whether it’s only once in a while or not doesn’t matter either. Letting loose can come in a different form without hurting my body. I think it is time to take back my body. I am not saying I will never drink again. Believe me, we all have said that at least once in our life and when Friday/Saturday come along you’re back it with the Grey Goose. I’m saying it’s time to change. Recognizing what it does to me after I drink it. After all, friends shouldn’t treat you so terrible. Alcohol is not my friend!

Just a little food for thought.



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