After The Tricks Comes The Treats!

Now that we have all this Halloween candy in the house, you know the kids are asking for it constantly! We got three bags of candy Halloween night, I went through it and I filled a bowl with 1 bag at a time.

Sunday morning rolls around and they have sort of forgotten about their candy which I am blown away by! But that doesn’t last for long and they are soon up my butt for candy even before they have eaten breakfast.

“Mom, where’s my candy?” “Mom, can I have my candy?”

I started to say “you have to have breakfast first” but it’s Sunday and do I really care that much if they eat some damn candy before breakfast or rather for breakfast? Nope. Have at it kids. They do end up eating a little breakfast. Lunch even and I followed up with dinner. Score one for me! All the while they were eating their candy. So was I! You all know you do it too and who doesn’t love a BabyRuth!?

Now we are at Monday. A school day. I may or may not have had a little bit to drink Sunday night and am not all myself Monday morning. The same thing happens but only Delylah got breakfast. Levi stuck with candy and I was completely ok with this. Partly because I wasn’t in an arguing mood and partly because once this candy is gone, it’s gone. There will be no more “Mom, can we have candy?” “Mom, where’s my candy?” So I’m all for it. We brush our teeth and we floss. I think we deserve the candy.

Tons of parents hide the candy from their kids. Some throw it away or give it away. Some monitor the eating, as in the kids can have 1 piece here and there. Some donate it to the dentist for the prize or whatever they offer. But I just don’t care. They did all the walking…so did I, that’s why we have 3 bags of candy! That’s doing the work and they should reap the rewards.

Yes. I am that MOM!

What do you do with your kids candy?


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2 thoughts on “After The Tricks Comes The Treats!

  1. We ate candy for breakfast too! Followed by breakfast, skipped lunch, ate more candy, had a good dinner, then more candy. I most definitely ate a lot of the candy – started back on a diet come Monday…Boo!

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