After Surgery

It’s been a couple of days since my surgery and I’m feeling good.

I was a little frustrated yesterday when I was having bad side effects from the pain killers (which I am no longer taking) and then remembered everything Travis told me the doctors had said.

So right after surgery they go talk to Travis and come to find out my cyst had ruptured and my ovaries were good. I didn’t need surgery!!! I had only asked for the tubal ligation because they were already going to be in there. Had they only done an ultrasound prior to putting me under they would have known the cyst was gone. Looking back I believe I can pin point when it ruptured. I believe it was saturday at dinner. I was all of a sudden in way more pain than I had been having. But I didn’t think anything of it. I had been having pain for a month.

I would not have chosen to go through surgery to remove my fallopian tubes without doing the other surgery simply because it’s so much easier for Travis to recover.

Either way it’s done now. My cyst was still very large (like a football) so there is a lot of fluid that needs to dissipate inside of me. I now am at a higher risk of them happening again and being very large. So even though I no longer have fallopian tubes and can not get pregnant the only way to regulate ovulation and control getting a cyst is to take birth control or remove my ovaries. I chose to take birth control since removing my ovaries would throw my body into menopause.

We had planned a family vacation that starts tomorrow until July 10th. We are still going! Going up to San Fransisco, The Red Wood Forest, Oregon Caves, My Aunts in Oregon, Gardnerville Nv for a family Reunion then Mono Lake and Yosemite!

Great way to recover!


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3 thoughts on “After Surgery

  1. Glad you are doing well. Pain pills change everything, that’s why I hate drugs so much. All the traveling will take a toll on you, remember to move very slow when you first get out of the csr. :). Are you going to the regatta?

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