Adulting Doesn’t Suck All That Bad…Money Does!

Everyone looks at being an adult differently. Can it be an overwhelming shit storm where there is nowhere to seek refuge? Yes. There are days when wishing for that care free time of ditching high school and smoking were an option again. Now if we ditch work (at least too much) we are fired.

As adults we stress about money. About what we have, what we want to have. What our kids have. Health Insurance. Blah, Blah, Blah.

We put so much time and effort into being awesome adults (some of us) that we forget how we got this far. We got here by having fun as we got older. Only as we got older the fun left and the older stayed….

We are letting being an adult (a responsible adult) stress us out. I know lately, I have been feeling the stress. Never letting yourself take a break from what you have put in front of you until you accomplish it. Pushing through all day everyday to complete your hours at work to go to the gym after, come home and clean, then make dinner, sleep and do it all again.

Yesterday I stayed in my pajamas all day! Yep, ALL DAY LONG! I woke up in those same pajamas this morning. It felt good! I played with the kids, hardly cleaned and just hung out. Minimal adulting was done yesterday. It was marvelous!

The stress of money is the stress of adulting. Money is what makes most of the world go round. When you take money out of the equation there is happiness. If you could eat somewhere or get ice cream with no money, live in a place where there was no electric bill, water bill, trash bill, gas bill or rent/mortgage there would be happiness. It would be a freeing feeling and would create its own happiness. Much the same as hiking, surfing, snowboarding, just taking a walk. Being able to just get up and go. The amount of money you have, not holding you back.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, money is needed for every little thing.

There are stressful days as adults. Days where you wonder how you are going to make it through. You think back to high school and wish you could go back. Really, you just need to remember the carefree you from the days of old and bring them back if only for a day. Not the crazy part of you that lit the bathroom on fire at the park and was doing whip-its. Just the care free part of you that wasn’t bothered by how much had to be done or deadlines. The one that always found a way no matter how much money was in your pocket! Remember that there is a part of you that actually exists like that! Bring them back! Stop stressing.

Today I have to adult. Just like everyday. But I can have fun doing it!

Can you?

Happy Monday My Friends


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3 thoughts on “Adulting Doesn’t Suck All That Bad…Money Does!

  1. I see where you are getting from and I do sometimes think about the old days where we are the kids and we’re just carefree. But when I think of my kids of course, I need to provide for them and give them the best that I can give. Stressing about it won’t help but I’m glad you had minimal adulting done, at least you have the time to just sit and relax. 🙂

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