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Yesterday I posted Fun Facts. Today I’m going to post Fun Facts about ME! It’s always fun to learn something you never knew about someone before….or be totally disgusted. You can decide.

I don’t like animals. Yes, I have a bunch of them but I don’t like them. They want affection and attention. All I am thinking about when they are near me is “Get the hell away from me.” Sad but true. Don’t judge.

It’s kind of like kids…⇑…only that would make me a shitty parent so I play with my kids and love them unconditionally. But sometimes I don’t like them. I certainly don’t like ALL kids….

I like throwing up. If I feel sick like I’m going to vomit, it’s the best thing to happen. I feel better after (usually) and I happen to be good at it from doing it consistently through 2 pregnancies.

Lots of women will say they have a headache or that they are tired instead of have sex. I’m not one of those ladies. I may not want to do it but it really doesn’t take that long and once you start you usually always get into it. (this isn’t just about me, it’s a tip ladies!)

Coffee doesn’t wake me up. I’m just addicted to the flavor from having drinking it since high school and have to have a cup everyday. I don’t even finish a whole cup.

I can read a good book in just a couple of days. Then I will read it again and again if I liked it that much. I enjoy reading.

Shaving is not a necessity. In fact, I hate it! If I didn’t LOVE summer time, I’d boycott shaving forever!

My house is always clean but I don’t like cleaning. I just hate messes. I hate clutter and things not being organized so I clean. A lot! It’s stupid!

I take meds everyday to prevent migraines. I was getting migraines so bad I couldn’t take care of my kids. I started getting them when I was 11 and they got severely worse as I got older. Now with my meds, I haven’t gotten a migraine since 2011 (or 2012). Best thing ever!

Now you know a little bit more about me. Some good, bad and gross. What is something people don’t know about you?

Happy Thursday



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