A Year Of Thankfulness

It is the last Thursday of 2016. While I have been thankful for a lot of big and small things this year, there are things that stick out more than others. Travis was transferred this year. We have had to move 1600 miles from the only place we had ever known this year. The kids started new schools and have had to make new friends. We have had to communicate with our family mainly by phone, social media and good old fashion letters. I had surgery and am still recovering. It has been quite the year.

Still, I am thankful.

We moved to a neighborhood that has kids all over. Kids my kids go to school with, are in the same classes with, ride the bus with and get to play with whenever they want.

Travis likes his job. He would be stressed out and upset with people he worked with before the transfer. Now he doesn’t come home stressed because he had a shitty work week because of shitty workers or being stuck in traffic on his 5 hour drive home that turned into 7 hours.

While I miss my people terribly. I mean TERRIBLY. We spend more time together. We only have each other here. When the neighbor kids can’t play or the weathers crappy, we have each other and spend our time playing more and enjoying each others company. I think with such a big transition, we have all benefited from this.

We are able to Skype, call and write letters constantly to all our people. It makes missing them even harder sometimes but the fact that we are able to do all that and see each others smiling faces and let the kids show each other what they’ve been up to, helps make it easier.

We have a beautiful house and yard. It still takes work to keep up our city lot but doing so makes us feel good. There isn’t much we need or want to change in the house and it feels good to have such a nice home for our family.

Travis and I have a stronger, healthier, more loving relationship. We have always done great. It seems with all that has happened this year and the support that we have given each other, no matter what the situation, has pushed us closer together. Even when I thought that wasn’t possible.

I am still recovering from my surgery but the sharp pains I was having that were shooting down my arm have subsided. There may or may not be nerve damage. We won’t know until my next appointment. The pain I am having seems to be from my nerves trying to heal. Which they could do if I did less…I am trying. I am thankful to have found such an amazing doctor and have an even more amazing husband who takes care of me.

We have been able to travel a lot this year. Seattle in January. Texas in April to pick out a house. Texas again in June to become residents. Vegas and Arizona in August. California in November. Florida in November. California and Arizona in December. Travis makes all that possible. Travis works hard so we can play hard. I could never thank him enough for the life he has given us.

Levi hasn’t gone to therapy since we moved and I don’t think he needs to go anymore. He has learned to get his attitude under control (for the most part) and we never have a blow up like we had in the past. Puberty is probably going to get all the credit for this. Once he hit puberty his whole attitude changed and it has been wonderful. I’ll take it!

I have readers! I have readers from Australia! I started this blog for myself so I could write whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I figured some of my family and friends would be the only ones ever reading it. But I actually have readers all over the world! It is such an amazing feeling when I get feedback from someone from a different country! I just can’t believe they are reading MY blog!

This has been a year full of emotions for us. So far, as a family, this has been the biggest year of our lives. We have so much to be thankful for, even though at the times they were happening we might not have thought that way.

What happened in 2016 that you are truly thankful for?


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