A Weekend Well Spent

Our weekend was spent making friends with new neighbors and hanging with some friends we had already made. It is hard to make friends. Some people are just not your cup of tea. It is ok to admit that, especially after giving them a try. You can not force something that just isn’t there. When you get a weird feeling in your gut about someone, you should probably trust it. That’s exactly what I am going to do.

Besides that, we were invited to our first party since moving here. A roller skating party. Which I thought was awesome even with my crying little girl and a boy who hates to skate. I took advantage and had fun skating and mingling with adults! Even hanging out again after the party was over.

I finally got all my files organized. They were kind of organized in folders in a box. Now I have an awesome cabinet with sliding folders and labels. I can’t believe how excited I am to have it all organized!

After about 20 games of Twister and my kids getting beat, they began to cheat. That runs in my family….the cheating at games! I was getting pushed over, tickled and my hair was getting pulled all so they could win! It was hard not to laugh at the antics they were pulling just to win a game of Twister. They were much better at Uno and ended up beating me a few times.

We swam in the rain for the first time since moving here. Usually the rain is accompanied by thunder and lighting so we get out of the water. But yesterday it was only rain for a brief moment. We had fun holding our breath to see what the rain looked like hitting the surface of the pool from underneath the water. But after a very short time the crashing started and we had to get out! Watching the rain from outside the pool was just as nice though!

Our weekend was fabulous and I am so happy that the kids have today off of school to just relax from the weekend. Today we get to clean up a smidge and head to the airport to pick up our new visitor! My dad is coming! The kids are super excited for Papa to be visiting!

Hope all of your weekends were just as good as mine!

Happy Monday My Friends!



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