A Weekend Full Of Smiles

We had a successful weekend!

Levi’s birthday party was on Saturday. There was a good turn out. Not what he is normally used to back in California having family come from all over and it being a huge thing but it was small and intimate. Because I went through his phone and got a hold of the one kid he talked to everyday at school, that kid showed up and Levi was pretty happy! Or he was good at faking it.

The weather cooperated wonderfully and we were able to be outside the entire time. The kids were in the pool splashing around nearly the entire length of the party. I did have to make them get out and make good use of those 300 water balloons that we filled up! They always go so fast! They had a boys against girls war. It was great to watch!

After that was Apple Shmear. If you have seen Cheaper by the Dozen, you know what Apple Shmear is. It was Levi’s idea to play it which surprised me. I bought 10 lbs of apples to annihilate. This was great fun and something I think my kids will want to implement at all parties! We do have apple pieces all over the yard but the Opossums and Raccoons are probably enjoying them remnants.

He wanted this giant chocolate cake from Costco and boy was it delicious!

He was all smiles all day! It was so nice to see him smiling and happy. A couple of the kids were strangers to him. I invited their parents knowing they had a boy around his age. It all worked out so well and he made new friends by me inviting new people!

His summer started off a little rocky but after his birthday party this weekend things are looking up!

Happy Monday My Friends


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