A Week With Family

For the past five or six days we had family here. I waited for them to be on their way for me to get sappy and post about them. My younger brother and his family came to visit. It was Travis’ first time meeting Benjamin! All of my trips to California and Travis has always been unable to make it.

Our short week was filled with family fun! We all went to the Chili Cook Off and the kids had a great time there. We all attended Delylah’s first soccer game. She is definitely a runner! She loves to play the game….so far!

We dyed Easter Eggs together. Well, the kids dyed eggs. We have no one to dye eggs with and Travis will be at work for Easter this year so we took full advantage of the timing of their visit.

We utilized the potter’s wheel. Delylah loves every chance she can get to play with it and it was Kali’s first time. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned vet, the potter’s wheel is always fun! You don’t have to be good at it or actually end up creating anything to have fun.

I pretended to be a photographer and took pictures of the kids. (Sorry JoRen and Amanda if they aren’t Professional grade haha, it was better than asking someone last-minute…) The kids all cooperated enough and I’m willing to claim the kids and the work!

We had a trip to urgent care and sick kids for a few days. That didn’t stop us from swimming and hitting the zip line while we barbecued and played Bocce Ball. Chalking in the drive way and playing lots of dolls! Video games were played and there was movie time. I’m pretty sure I have new art work from the girls to add to my collection too!

I can not express how much I miss my family. Not being able to see my younger brother be a dad on a daily basis, watch his kids grow up and his relationship progress just sucks. Not just my younger brother but see my older brother, my parents, my in-laws and my friends that have become my family. I am so grateful for trips like this and cherish every moment of them. Whether it’s late night trips to urgent care, cleaning up vomit that’s not mine or my kids, my house not being “my kind of clean,” and being bloated all the time from eating food I never eat! I don’t care. It’s so worth it.

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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