A Week Of Having A Piece Of Home Here With Us!

I have been MIA from my blog for a bit and I have to say, it feels nice to be back in front of the computer. We had friends visit for a week from California and it was much-needed for all of us! We got to do some things we have wanted to do since moving here and a few things we had already done but it was nice to share the experience with our friends.

We once again traveled to the Renaissance Festival! We went last year on the same weekend, Pirate Weekend. I loved it! The Texas Renaissance Festival is the largest one in the United States and is beautifully done! All the kids rode Elephants for the first time (Except Delylah, her and I did it last year).

We went to the Blue Lagoon. I have had my eye on this place since we moved here and we have just never been. It was a great time to go and share the memories with our friends. Swimming in crystal clear water. Picnicking on the shore and hiking around the lagoon has made for some amazing memories!

The Houston Space Center has also been on our list of “To-Do’s.” So glad we got to take all the kids to the actual Mission Control Room for The Apollo Missions and many others! It was a pretty awesome experience.

Levi caught his first fish ever in the pond right around the corner from our house! He has always hated fishing because he has never caught anything but I think that’s about to change.

Our tradition of carving pumpkins continued. Last year it was over video chat but this year the kids got to do it all together again!

We tried a JackFruit. They are super expensive and pretty weird. They smell extremely fruity and taste of Cantaloupe. We boiled the nuts as suggested and they just taste like bland boiled peanuts. At least that’s what I thought.

Swimming everyday. Shooting the compound bows. Making s’mores. Just being with each other and having a piece of California here with us was amazing.

Of course now it’s back to reality. Delylah is sick and sharing her sickness with me because she loves me so much. Levi is back to swimming for the team everyday and having severe caca mouth. And I am TIRED!

But I wouldn’t change any of it. Although I am glad to be back to writing.

Happy Friday My Friends


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