A View Of My Saturday Morning

I pick up my laptop, set my coffee on the side table and my thoughts stir wildly as I think of something to write.

Then I faintly hear something in the other room. Laughter? Some arguing over blankets? A little of both? I was unaware the kids were awake yet.

I continue to listen as they talk of what they want to do today and hear Delylah ask where I am. Her big brother is there, assuring her that mom is here and they are all right.

The pitter patter of footsteps emerge from the bedroom and out come my two babes with smiles on their faces.  A restful night sleep and sweet dreams is what they had. They begin to play with my yoga ball and do so very carefully as to not hurt one another. They are sharing, not asking for cartoons or breakfast. Just content in the now.

Then it happens….Delylah begins to take charge and the fighting over the ball ensues. Levi (knowing his sister) distracts her with iridescent colors coming through the window. He has the ball back and holds onto it so tightly as if he was holding onto the rollercoaster handles for dear life.

Sharing soon happens again and there is nothing but smiles in my house. For now.


Mountains are built with bean bags and more fun emanates through my children. Running at the speed of light heading towards the mountain. Flying through the air to overcome the obstacles before them.

I hope the smiles, laughter and fun having never ends. I hope they keep a piece of this with them forever and stay children on the inside even when they have their darkest days.

The most wonderful way to start a Saturday!


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