A New Week

Here I am sitting in it pondering in my own thoughts about how my week is going to go.

My daughter is still very sick. At this point I am going to assume that she will be missing school this week which is going to piss Levi off to no end because he still has to get his work done. I must continue to tell myself “This too shall pass.” It has to right?

I have been more than negligent to my yard and animals since the weather became cold here. The last thing I want to do is bundle up to go sweat while dealing with pig pucky and cultivating the garden. Not to mention it’s just not that easy to do that while I’m home schooling and then after both kids are done with school I am either schlepping them to karate or church. My time is spent and to fit in the yard would make me stress and most likely vulgar towards everyone. So I made the wise choice to let it go! I feel bad that It’s not getting done but nothing is dying and there isn’t garbage piling up around here so it can’t be that bad.

Now that Delylah will be home along with Levi my week might prove to be challenging. Luckily, and by some weird chance, they are still asleep. I decided right away with that if Delylah is not going to school I don’t need to wake them up at 7. I only hope that this works out and doesn’t back fire. One would think that sleep would help her sickness and improve Levi’s attitude but really only time will tell.

Positivity is my friend today!


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