A Mothers Choice

I love spending Mothers Day with the people I love. For the past few years I go to my besties with all of the Moms for a Mothers Day Brunch. We dress up, look beautiful (as always), chit chat, laugh and just have a fabulous time. Before that, I would either be at home by myself with the kids, at my mother in laws, with my grandparents for my grandpa’s birthday or something.

I thought I’d share the pictures I could find from the past years. It’s amazing seeing the changes in everyone in each picture.

mothers day 2010

In 2010 all I got was a picture of baby girl. Her first Mother Day with me!

mothers day 2012

2012 with my bestie.


In 2013, the besite and I went to the spa for Mothers Day.

mothers day 2015

In 2015, we made sure to get a group photo of all the beautiful mothers.

mothers day 2016

2016, this year.

I know in 2011 I was at my grandparents celebrating my grandpa’s 80th birthday and Mothers Day together. It was such a fun day. I came across a photo and now can not find it. I can’t even tell you what happened in 2014. It could be the year my bestie and I did Run or Dye. But I do not recall that being on mother’s day. In any case, spending mothers day with these beautiful people every year are moments I will cherish forever!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Happy Monday!


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