A Love Day Well Spent

Watching my kids smiling faces as each one arrived home from school yesterday was simply priceless. I don’t know if it was the copious amounts of sugar they were allowed to consume, the fact Levi lost a tooth at school or that I was busy making cookies when they arrived home that had them in such good moods yesterday but it doesn’t happen everyday and it was FUN!

The stories about how 6th grade is so different now. No parties for Valentines day and only the teachers give you “some” candy while you are busy taking those tests. Biting into that sugary sucker at lunch only to lose your tooth in the first bite and not even savor the rest of that amazing lollipop of goodness, upset about the blood flowing from your gums. Too upset to even read the love note your mom wrote in fantastic bright red marker that smells like strawberry or even look at your heart-shaped tuna sandwich. Maybe he’s a little too old for that anyways? NEVER! When he arrived home and told me all about his day, I told him about his lunch. He never even looked at it because his mouth was sore. He ate his lunch and then danced with his mama to music in our hearts while he smiled, laughed and told me how much he loved me. What could have been better!?

Delylah hopped off her bus with equal excitement carrying her unicorn box of love treasure from her party at school. Going through each treasure with amazement all over again telling me all about each person it came from. She didn’t lose a tooth at school so she got to enjoy her awesome heart-shaped lunch I made her with that special love note and was excited to tell me that she had read it all by herself! (I used big words on purpose) She got some homework done and we had an awesome dance competition playing Just Dance after dinner.

Our Valentines Day wasn’t surrounded by gifts, fancy dinner or spending money. Instead it was surrounded by our presence. The best gift of all! We were present in each others lives. Listening, laughing, being with each other. Just like every day but maybe a little more amplified. One of my favorite Valentines Days yet!

How did you spend your Valentines Day?


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