A Little DIY Tuesday!

Everyday people are on Pinterest getting new ideas and creating new things to put in their house or to give away as gifts. I myself am guilty of the “Pinterest” craftiness myself. But how much of it do you actually need? How much of it is actually going to help you de-clutter instead of create more clutter because you’ve become an addict and now you can’t stop?

Well I have found some things that will actual help you de clutter. Whether it be your yard or house.

Check it out.

Electronic Device Charging Station. I chose the easier and cheap (because that’s how I am) I have all of this stuff right now and can easily do this. One is just put together much nicer than the other. Bam!

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Garden Tool Rack- I have soo many garden tools. Some are in a shed. Some are leaning up against the chicken coop. Some are next to the pig pen. This way I don’t have to constantly be going to get them. And I have a ton of pallets. I could stain them or paint them. Just make them look awesome. I could have one next to every set of pens with one of every kind of yard tool.(That’s how many we have, we have that many pallets too) This is a super easy idea.


Bench with Shoe Buckets- I bought mine when we moved into my house 3 years ago but this can easily be done. I love the picnic bench one with the old crate underneath. It’s just a picnic bench refurnished. You could easily hang hooks above for jackets/backpacks as well. The red one has the crates you can buy at any craft store and paint with stained wood on top. I would probably put wheels on the bottom so it could be easily moved for cleaning. Super easy and pretty cute. If you’re like me and don’t allow shoes on in the house you need somewhere your guests can take them off at.

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Something For The Monsters In The Backseat- I have something similar to this in between my kids and fill it with snacks, books, color books, electronics, drinks. I can’t always be turning around for them. (Although I usually do anyways) So this makes it a little easier. My bag is bigger than this and probably has way more crap in it for my 2 kids but it works for us.


Napkin Holder for Your Dinning Table- I use a large wood bowl but we did make one out of horse shoes one year for one of Levis teachers. Here’s a few ideas that are simple and you probably have this stuff lying around. Legos for sure if you have a boy. You will finally have a good use for them even if it’s only at a birthday party. The cheese grader I know shows pencils in it but if you cut off the handle it will stand up and be a super awesome looking napkin holder. All of you wine drinkers save your corks for whatever reason…now you have one!

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These are just a few ideas that will surely not clutter your life. Remember not to get carried away with the allure of Pinterest. It’s super awesome! But that shit can cause more clutter, chaos and hurt on your wallet than you need! Do it right!

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