A Great Start To Summer Vacation

The first weekend without having to go back to school Monday has come and gone. We kicked off our Summer vacation by also ending the soccer season!

Delylah really enjoyed playing soccer this year. We made friends and she learned skills. I don’t think she gained a profound love for the sport but she does want to play again. We had a good coach and great little players!

The kids and I spent an entire day just messing around. We tried to play tennis. We found that we aren’t very good at it but we still tried. Delylah cried a lot because she wasn’t good at it. What could I do? We tried our hands at racket ball. Again, we weren’t very good and Delylah cried some more. We took our scooters to a skate park where both kids had attitudes so I scootered around hoping not to break myself. Finally, they were both brave enough to at least try it. Delylah cried though. She was too scared to do it. It was a day of crying. 98 degrees, humid as all hell and I had them at park doing stuff. How dare I try to have a fun day for my kids, OUTSIDE!

We ended up back at home in the pool. The perfect place. There was no crying! Thank goodness! There was only Dolphin and Alligator fights along with breaks for watermelon. I guess maybe the park was too much. I had fun there anyways.

I made a last-minute decision to head to the movies after this. We did not see the infamous new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Levi actually already saw it with friends and we are waiting to see it with Travis. But we saw the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. Which I thought was very funny. It’s a bummer they don’t use the characters from previous movies but it was still very funny. Levi has read every book and loved telling us about every part. The theater we go to serves alcohol! Why would I not want to take my kids to the movies!?

That was all on Sunday. Monday was spent nursing this sick babe. To be fair she is always sick. And had what looked like “bug bites” on Saturday and Sunday. But by Monday they ended up like this and we had to do something else. I knew it was an allergic reaction and knew what she needed but of course on Memorial Day everyone is closed. We got what she needed and she is slowly getting better. After a night of her hallucinating from the meds, I am so ready for a nap and it’s not even 8 am.

Today we get more answers or more unanswered questions from the allergist. An awesome Costco trip as long as my sickie can handle it.

I’d say we’ve kicked off summer vacation with a bang! Nothing like a bunch of crying, swimming and sickness to do it right!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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