A Day of Yes

With my current situation I’m not jumping up saying “Yes we can do that” or “Sure you can do that.” Instead I find myself not saying No but saying things like “I’m sorry but we have to go down the hill again and we’ll probably get back too late to do that so maybe tomorrow” or “I’m sorry I just don’t feel good right now.”

Yesterday I said screw this. I have been hurt since Levis last week of school and he’s been jipped all summer. Granted I can not do much but yesterday was a day of YES!

“Mom can I have a twinkie for breakfast please?” “YES you can!”

“Mom can we squirt you please?” “YES you can!”

“Mom can we not help you water today?” “YA sure”

“Mom can we only wear underwear today please?” “YES you can!”

“Mom can we give the dog a bath in the sink and destroy the kitchen please?” “YES you can”

“Mom can we sleep in your bed and then fight with each other please?” “YES you can”

“Can we have another twinkie even though we didn’t eat our dinner please?” YES you can!”

“Can we play video games for more than 20 minutes??” “YA sure, Can I play too?”

The kids ended up quite surprised and had surprisingly good behavior. Until they ended up in my bed and they did fight.

I think we all needed a good day of YES!


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