A Day of Love

Today is a very special day. On this day 6 years ago Travis and I were married!

     It took 6 years to actually take that leap as I was/am a crazy hormonal chick.

                     12 YEARS TOGETHER!!!


                                   The Beginning, 12 Years Ago


                                    6 Years Ago, Our Wedding Day
                                                  Now, 12 Years Later

I don’t think in the beginning either one of us thought it would last this long or take us this far. We have overcome so much together, grown so much together and created the most vivacious life full of passion and laughter.

Getting through the hard and coming out stronger than ever. Learning together as we go. I love him more every day with every breath.

He always supports me in whatever I choose to do. From this blog to staying home with the kids. All the while supporting and providing for us. No questions asked ever.

Heres to many more years to the man who whispers into my heart and kisses my soul!


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2 thoughts on “A Day of Love

  1. Every word is sooooo true! It made me cry. You two are very special and are extremely Blessed in every way possible. God bless you in the many years to come!

  2. I couldn’t have put it any better myself.. I love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for all you have given to me.

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