A Day In The Life On The Ranch

A typical day in the life on the ranch is sort of a pain in the ass and makes for a long day but it’s definitely worth it.

Getting up at 6am to feed sometimes has its draw backs. As in, I’m going to bed early because I’m F-ING tired. But it helps me get my work out in and I always know what’s going on around the ranch.

First animals I see are the dogs. Always there to greet me at the door. Plus Jack (the little guy) is in the house with us and thinks he’s an attack dog! So you better watch out if you come over. We love our doggies!

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My horse Bo! He’s quite the energetic ass hole but he’s a lot of fun and a lot of work! If I don’t work him, there will be no riding him. He’s definitely not a kids horse. They will probably never be able to ride him until he’s an old man. They can go in his pen, brush him and pet him and crawl under him. But there will be no climbing up on him unless they want to get hurt. That’s not to say he’s not a good horse for me. He’s awesome! Just super energetic and headstrong.

ATT_1440257067074_20150819_101806 (1)

The smelly, dirty fat piggies! We’ve been raising pigs for 8 years. We raise them to eat. But now we’ve been breeding them. It’s actually a ton of work once it comes time to squirt out the babies and make sure she doesn’t sit on them. Making sure they don’t get out. Then castrating the males. Separating the mom and dad after she is pregnant. Putting them back together after we sell the babies for another breeding. Moving pigs that are 300-400 pounds is kind of a pain in the ass. Then we need to fill the silo with tons of feed and fill containers and separate feeds for the mom, dad and babies. We have 2 babies we kept that we will raise for meat between breedings. Getting in a pig pen sinking knee dip in pig shit is so satisfying, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this!

ATT_1440257067322_20150819_101717 ATT_1440257090683_20150819_101600 ATT_1440257067187_20150819_101756

Chickens and Ducks! The ducks are the newest on the ranch and if they don’t start laying soon we’ll be eating duck! Serve your purpose or we’ll be serving you for dinner! The chickens are fun, the kids love chasing them and catching them. We have the cutest little mini rooster! Best rooster ever! I have far more chickens than what are pictured but it’s impossible to get them all photographed. There are a total of 6 ducks and 23 chickens!

ATT_1440256894588_20150819_102259 ATT_1440256986379_20150819_102235

First year we have a garden since we moved into this house. I love it. The kids help pick stuff and pull weeds. We have a plethora of vegetables and it’s just been awesome!


We also have a couple of cats! One is a rescue and she is scared of everything and everyone. Hopefully one day she’ll come around.

20150822_085509 20150814_192118

There’s also a gecko and giant fish tank, flower gardens all around the house. I didn’t photograph everything. There is quite a bit on 40 acres.

Besides doing all of this there is taking care of the house and kids. Well maybe I take care of the kids. On a good day. When they aren’t fighting.

A day in the life on a the ranch. It’s never ending. You gotta love what you live!

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