A Day At The Faire

Over the weekend my family and I along with my best friend and her family went to the Renaissance Faire! It was a first for me and my family. What an amazing time. I can not believe I have never been before or thought of going before!

As soon as you get there you see TONS of people in costume. Which made me very happy that we all dressed the part, even if my 10 yr old thought dressing up was lame. (by the end of the day he was happy to dress up as well)  Although learning the lingo was going to take us much longer than just putting on an awesome costume!

With Our Jousting Knight
On Our Way


Before you even enter the Faire they have wenches and peasants, pirates and peddlers along with the noble that all greet you. The kids I’m sure had a hard time understanding it all but just the beginning made it feel like a very welcoming and fantastically fun place to be!



Upon entering you get your map and schedule. (Which I previously downloaded to try to have an idea of what to do) Don’t try to fit it all in, It won’t happen. But we did manage to do a lot of things for the kids and had fun just walking around.

Renaissance Children

A couple of super fun things that are at specific times that we did for the kids was watch the jousting. Its like medieval times. You are assigned your knight depending on what area you sit in and lots of Hoozah’s and awesomeness hearing the crack of jousting poles smash into shields and break them into bits! Later on we had the kids go into battle training and they got to be a part of the childrens militia. They marched on the jousting field and helped fight off the  army that was trying to get to the queen. Such an amazing sight! Turns frowns into smiles for sure! We also had our littlest be damed and knighted by the queen. They all got certificates for everything they accomplished and they all seemed to have a fantastic time.

After The Childrens Militia



Damed Into The Queens Court
Damed Into The Queens Court

Other than doing those events that were at specific times, just walking seeing the games and rides that are all man made and man powered are pretty awesome. They had us thinking that we need to create some of these rides on the ranch. There are shows and tons of different vendors. Watching and learning how to blow glass. There was a coin smashing machine that Leonardo Di Vinci had thought of but never created. His plans were found later and then they built the machine. The kids were all amazed by this and the man gave us a little lesson and history on the machine. (They learned something and probably didn’t even realize it!)

Portraits Being Painted
Portraits Being Painted
Merry Go Round Swing
Leonardo Di Vinci Coin Smashing Machine


Even though the foods they had back then were the turkey legs and corn they have a plethora of foods. Things you probably wouldn’t expect to see there. At least I didn’t. I was very happy they had stuff my kids would eat. Pizza and Brats! We happened to go on Home Brew weekend so there was also a wide variety of beers. I’m sure there always is but this weekend they had special brews. (none of which I liked very much but the husband did)

20150516_175240 (1)
Chocolate Covered Bacon!
Ale in our Chalice

It was such a friendly experience. I cant wait to go again next year and maybe learn some lingo before our next time there! Fabulous times had by all!


On Our Way Out-To Leave The Kids Or Not?
To Leave Our Kids, Or Not?




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