A Couple Of Firsts

I know I am always writing about how amazing our weekends are. It’s hard not to when we are having so much fun!

This weekend consisted of a beautiful hike up a local mountain. I had never been up before but Travis had. It was also the kids first time. A good 6 1/2 mile hike (round trip) with lunch at the top. It was some much needed family time. Although at the beginning the kids were a little whiny they made it through and both of them thought it was so worth. We were very proud of them.

Panoramic View From The Top

12141550_1146069338754657_4467858584783623131_n 11228518_1146069495421308_6149705531888690075_n


We also had another first. A Chargers Game! It was mine and Levis frist time. He was not into it at first. I don’t think he expected it to be so loud or for there to be so many people. (He is not a people person) But by the end of the game he was getting into it and he was glad we came. He even mentioned about the next time we go where he thought we should sit. We did not bring Delylah, Thank goodness. I don’t think she would have sat through the game. And if she did even sit through any of it she would have been imitating those cheer leaders for days! That would have been super annoying. When she’s older though we will bring her.


20151004_121701 20151004_121454

We had some awesome fun times this weekend. Keeping life full of love and happiness.

What did your weekend consist of??


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