A Busy Month

It’s a beautiful, brisk Wednesday!

The kids are on break until next Tuesday and they have spent the entire day so far playing video games. I don’t think Levi has spoken more than a few words and there has been zero fighting. It’s only 12:30 so there is still plenty of time for that. I’m definitely not in a hurry to ruin a good thing, so video games is where it’s at today!

My dad arrived here yesterday for a lengthy visit and we are all excited to have him here. In a week and a half the house will be filled with family and friends for a late Christmas Party. Memories will be made. Laughter will be flowing through the halls and nothing but good times will be had by all!

In just 14 days, Delylah will be 8 years old! It seems like we just had her birthday party not too long ago and yet we are getting ready to celebrate her all over again!

With my dad being here we plan on taking advantage and doing some fun stuff. Kayaking, bowling, maybe some tennis, walking through the forest, maybe a museum or 2. Definitely a weekend road trip. It will be quite cold the whole time he is here which is different from his last visits. It’s usually hot and humid. I can’t wait to take advantage of the good hair days!

January is going to be a busy, fun, amazing month!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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