A Bit of Ranch Life

Working on the ranch today has proved to be just as smelly as any other day!

Pigs getting out where they’re not supposed to be and having to fix their pen yesterday had me super smelly. Then today checking on the pen to find the bigger pigs just ate away at the wood I had put there and the little piglets are getting stuck and possibly hurt is just a pain in my ass! I feel like the smell of PIG is never going to get thoroughly washed off! But it is yet again fixed. Until tomorrow anyways… If anyone wants to come wrestle pigs in their own pucky to fix some fencing you can do it here….for FREE!

Working my horse with my kids up on the fence almost falling in at every pass the horse makes has me a wee bit nervous but at the same time I remember doing something very similar to that when I was their age. I am just happy they want to be out there with me and my horse, helping me, watching me and loving on the horse after wards. He (the horse) is improving so much. If only he liked other people riding him…

All of my baby chicks are almost ready to go out in the open. We have a total of 18 babys, One baby turkey and 4 Hens. The kids were catching them today and choosing which ones they were going to eat or keep for a pet. We will see how they feel when the time comes for the birds to go on the block….

On a side note I am almost finished refurbishing some 1950’s dressers that we bought at a yard sale. It has taken quite some time since I have a lot of other stuff to do around here but I am excited to finally have them done! Then I can post photos and an awesome how-to lesson on what I did, so stay tuned for that!!!


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