8 Things To Remember Christmas Morn

Eight days until your children awake to the sight of gifts brought by the jolly man. Or lack there of. Are your children getting older and questioning whether or not there really is a fat man in a red suit? I’m guessing this will be the last year for my older one. Either way here are 8 things to remember Christmas morning when your kids are tearing open their gifts.

Even though they throw them aside to get to the next one, they did see it and they do like it. There is just too much to stop and revel over 1 gift.

A mess is a mess is a mess. It will be there no matter what. Don’t worry about picking it up. It doesn’t matter who is coming over. They had christmas too! Remember, you technically created that mess.

Now that they’ve opened all their gifts, open them and play with them with your children! It is only christmas once a year and soon your kids won’t want your help or to play with you at all!

Don’t be too busy taking pictures but don’t miss the good ones either. That’s tricky. But if you know you bought an amazing gift that is sure to WOW be sure to capture that! Not everything needs to be photographed though. You will be missing the moments taking pictures.

It is the day that damn elf is gone!!!

It’s never to early to have a drink on Christmas! It’s a celebration of Jesus’ birth, Santa comes and now you are broke!

No matter how many gifts they open, 3 or 20, they will be hungry! Don’t forget to eat and feed the monsters. (I have done that) 

Lastly, forget about all the stress and money that went into christmas (you will in just a few months) and be prepared for bigger/more expensive lists from the kids next year!


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