5 Going On 15

Every morning since Delylah started school we have had some major struggles. You would think she was a teenager not a 5 year old. It’s not over breakfast or waking up, it’s over clothes and what other kids will think. No matter what I tell her she is adamant about what the other kids say (little jerks) and what starts out as an awesome morning every day turns to shit before we leave the house.

Yesterdays emotional break down was over shoes. She was dressed super cute in black and white striped pants and an over sized sweater and she chose black shoes with a small heel. (yes at 5) She was all ready to go and we were heading out when she sat down, started crying, took her shoes off and slammed them in the shoe bucket. What the hell was wrong with them? She didn’t want kids to talk to her about her shoes. Seriously? So we  went for her pink flats. But NO something was wrong with them too. She ended up wearing her Krav Maga sneakers and still wasn’t happy but we were leaving regardless.

We also had a lovely break down over her sweater. It’s damn cold and she has to wear a sweater or jacket. Those are the choices. Pick one dammit and let’s go! But one was too puffy, her hair got stuck in another one last week and one is ugly! Finally she picked one. She felt cute enough and we got to leave.

Everyday we have a conflict over her hair. She has beautiful long hair that flows to her butt. It’s nice and thick and straight! I have always done her hair all different types of ways but we never leave it down. She hates getting tangles. As of late she only wants a pony or a braid. If I am doing her hair she will put her hands on her head just to feel what I am doing and if it’s not a pony or a braid she will run away from me, have another break down until I promise to only do a pony. No bun, No cool looking side french braid…nothing.

Since when did my awesome, fun having daughter turn into an emotional freak!? Since she started school! Don’t get me wrong. She has always been emotional but now that she has started school it has tripled her emotional status. She’s afraid of what other kids will think. She doesn’t want all of the attention on her. What if they don’t like what she’s wearing or how her hair is? She is only 5 for crying out loud. I can only imagine what middle school and high school will be like!

Wish me luck because I have long road ahead!


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