Have You Ever…..

Some things have happened over the weekend that had me questioning whether this happens to everyone or not? Or was I just having a shitty couple of days.

Have you ever stepped in a fire ant hill while cleaning your windows only to notice because you were being attacked by a mountain of lava ants?

Have you ever been stung on your face, near your eye by a bee? One of your own bees?

Have you ever had to save your dog from being attacked by the same bees, that she screwed with and got herself wedged under your shed?

Have you ever had plans to make an awesome dinner but then didn’t feel up to it because of all of the stuff that happened? I think we have all been here…all the time!

Have you ever had a dog that won’t go outside when it’s raining and leaves you wondering where he will go potty? Lucky for me, it’s been raining since last night.

Have you ever had to wonder when the last time you brushed your hair was? I think the last time I brushed my hair was the night before the picture above. Saturday….Don’t judge!

Have you ever let your kid eat cereal on the couch, against your better judgment, only to have them spill the entire bowl? Milk on anything is just nasty and I knew better!

I am not going to let any of this get me down today! My eye is super swollen still and my leg is itchy as all hell from the fire ants. It’s raining and we have places to go. The cereal was not spilled today….yet, and the day WILL be fantastic!

Happy Monday My Friends


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