30 Days Of Small Challenges

I know we are a few days into February but I want to Challenge myself and everyone else.

Really, it should be easy. It’s for you. It’s for some one else. It’s for happiness.

Send a card or letter.

Give a random compliment to a complete stranger.

Abandon all social media for a day. Just 1 day.

Try doing breath work.

Put a lamp where you have always needed one.

Get a fresh notebook and start using it.

Write 5 things you love about yourself in the notebook.

Start making your bed in the morning.

Watch the sunrise.

Do 10 burpees.

Eat vegan for a day.

Drink 8 glasses of water in a day.

Buy someone you know flowers.

Have two friends over that don’t know each other, that should.

Say no to plans that don’t sound fun.

Try something you’ve never tried before. Sewing. Cycling. A new food.

Wear Yellow.

Paint something. A wall. A canvas. A paper. Something.

Create a goal/dream board for the year.

Buy coffee for a stranger.

Go for a walk. On your lunch break, after work with the family. Just get out and walk.

Don’t complain or be negative about a thing for a whole day.

Connect with an old friend.

Take a scenic drive.

Help out a neighbor or a stranger just because you see they need it. Not that they are asking for it.

Make an entire meal from a different country.

Do a puzzle and finish it!

Discover new music.

Binge something on Netflix.

Sleep for over 8 hours!

These are all just suggestions. But these are all things I am going to incorporate for my February. I have already started with a few. Buying flowers for someone. Sleeping over 8 hours. I made a dream board. I got a fresh notebook and started using it just today!

It’s not hard to bring a smile to your face or someone else’s. Start today!

Happy Monday My Friends



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