Being our first 4th of July in the city, I already want to shoot people!

Yes, it’s fun to shoot off fireworks because we can. Have a block party, get wasted and create chaos all around because we can! We are free and all that crap that asinine morons spew but have no educational retort.

Educational retort was going to come down the barrel of my shotgun last night! I had enough. The fireworks lasted until 5 am this morning. There is soo much cardboard and ash in my pool, it’s unbelievable. The couple of drunks that walked up and down the road last night that “couldn’t find” the house they were at was just crazy to me! They don’t even know what they were celebrating. It’s just the 4th of July to them. A day to party, reek havoc on the neighborhood and not have to work.

Yes, the kids and I will be lighting some fireworks. Some…nothing crazy and certainly not until 5 am. My kids know what they are celebrating. They are celebrating the day the thirteen colonies became one nation. Together. They are celebrating the day The Declaration of Independence was adopted. The day that has been declared Independence Day because we broke free from the rule of the British. Americas Birthday!

While fireworks are common and have been since 1777, the ritual was to fire off 13 fireworks and or gun salutes in recognition of our thirteen colonies becoming one. I think I will be adopting this custom and reiterating to my kids every year the reasoning behind it. It is important to understand what we are celebrating and why.

Some fun factoids for you. The only 2 to sign the Declaration that became president also died the same day. July 4th 1826. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. It was not called “Independence Day” until 1791. Before that it was just referred to as a national holiday, the 4th of July or July 4th.

So today we will be cleaning, hanging out and getting ready for night fall for our turn to salute the thirteen colonies becoming our America!



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