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The End And A Beginning

I can not believe the year is already over!

I feel as if we just celebrated Delylahs birthday and yet we are getting ready to celebrate it again. Like I was just surprising my best friend with a visit in California for Mother’s Day.

But here it is. The last day of 2017. The beginning of a new year.

Today is a day people begin to make resolutions and look back on previous resolutions that were either conquered or over looked. People will be looking back on 2017 and reminiscing about it being the worst year ever (people say that about every year) or the best year ever. Just like last year, I don’t think 2017 was terrible. Terrible things might have happened but they didn’t make or break my entire year.

We were able to travel back and forth to California a lot.

I went to New York for one of my best friends weddings and had a blast!

It was a really hard beginning of 7th grade for Levi but everything that has happened with him has brought us closer.

Travis moved up at work.

Yoga has become a big part of my life and helped me deal with being apart from my family and friends.

We made some good friends this year. Unfortunately, some of them are getting transferred and moving very far. But I am grateful for the time we have had and for the experiences we got to have together.

Money has been tight this year…

Delylah had surgery this year. While it hasn’t helped her sickness’ yet, hopefully it will prove to have been a good decision in the long run.

Our family, as a unit, has grown very close.

I think the worst things to happen in 2017 were still adjusting to life in Texas, which we are still doing. How can that be so bad though when it is what’s bringing us closer together?

At the beginning of 2016 I started a joy jar. A jar that we put notes in. Notes of good things, bad things, anything that happened that we deemed worthy of remembering. At the end of a year you seem to only remember the really big stuff or the really stupid stuff. So tonight we will go through the joy jar and reminisce on what really happened over the course of the year. I’m excited to see what all was put into the jar. Things like “lost a tooth on this day.” “Had an Unbirthday Party.” Things people forget about.

No year is a bad year. There’s only bad moments. I don’t make resolutions. I just try to live my life day by day and be the best person I can be to myself, my family and to others. I don’t need a resolution for that.

We won’t be partying tonight to bring in the new year. We don’t have any concrete plans at all. Last year, Travis was at work so the kids and I just played and went to the movies. I think we might end up doing that again this year only Travis is home with us this time.

How was your 2017 and what are your plans for bringing in the new year?



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What Kind Of Fabulous Friday Is This???

Waking up this fine Friday to the lovely humidity, one feverish child and one child with more attitude than he knows what to do with has me feeling most Fabulous! Let me tell you!

The guidebook that explains puberty in a nut shell, LIES! It’s all LIES! Nothing prepares him or me for any of it. Not to mention it’s been a year and half since we moved here and he keeps bringing up how this is the worst place ever. Not only is this the worst place ever but the entire planet is the worst place to be. As a sarcastic person, I came back with “If humans didn’t screw it up the planet wouldn’t be so shitty.” I probably didn’t help that one but it felt like a true statement. So ya, that’s how my Friday started. Super Fabulous!

I have had little to no adult conversation since Travis left. With one kid having the flu it’s like we are all quarantined to do nothing and talk to no one. It’s boring. I feel bad for any adult I have come in contact with because I vent and have a million run on sentences all at once. Makes for Fabulous conversation. One sided, fabulous conversation.

We went to Urgent Care yesterday to get a school note since Delylah has been absent all week from school. They did a flu test and of course she was positive. DUH! They gave her Tamiflu and said after 2 doses she should start getting better since she has already been sick for so long. WRONG-O! She woke up with a temp of 101.5 and more boogers than a camel has spit! It’s going to be a fabulous day!

Today is Levi’s last day and then Christmas Break commences. While I was looking forward to this, after his boughts of teenage angst and drama I am now dreading it. And he gets out of school early today. Hello 2 weeks of arguing with a moody, pubescent, stinky boy who will also argue with everyone else in the house. Yay, I’m so excited!

I still have wrapping to get done. I am usually done wrapping by now and things are just waiting until Christmas Eve (Our Christmas Eve is the 27th) to be put out. But with Delylah home sick, I haven’t had time to wrap the gifts. She’s been sleeping in my bed and all up in my space. The few years that I did all the wrapping on Christmas Eve just sucked. But it’s looking like it’s going to be that kind of year! That just has a fabulous feeling.

My cup floweth over with bull shit today and I just don’t care anymore!

How are things in your neck of the woods this fine Friday?

I need some coffee!


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I Guess I’m Thankful

When you have a sick kid, sleepless nights, another kid with attitude and people who don’t pay their bills it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s hard to be thankful for what you have or what is going on around you. You have to maybe look harder than you’ve ever looked before but you are sleep deprived and haven’t had enough coffee so it seems impossible.

Yes. That is where I am at this wonderful Thankful Thursday Morning.

But I am still thankful. Pondering what exactly I am thankful for is taking a little longer than normal but it’s coming to me as my fingers click the keys….Kind of.

Delylah came home from school early on Monday sick. She had a fever, runny nose and a cough. I don’t take my kids to the doctors unless I don’t know what’s going on or they might die. Really though. Antibiotics just get pushed too much and I’m not for it. So Monday night and Tuesday night we were up all night. Temperatures reaching 103 sometimes. But last night she finally slept. Her temperature is steady between 99.5 and 100.1. I’m pretty positive she has the flu. Today I am thankful that urgent care is right around the corner. I am going not so someone can tell me she has the flu, but at this point we need a doctor’s note for school. They can do nothing for the flu that I can’t do at home except swab her throat and actually tell me it is the flu.

I am also thankful for the little amount of sleep I got last night (for some reason I just did not sleep well) and the large amount she got!

Tissue infused with aloe and lotion. We have gone through 4 boxes of tissue since Monday. If they weren’t infused with all that goodness her nose would be bleeding and raw.

Our 25 days of Christmas Activities and Movies. Levi thinks it’s kind of lame and says “No one else is doing this, why do we have to?” But it makes us spend time together. At least 2.5 hours everyday where no one is playing video games, everyone is in the same room and even though Levi might not want to be doing it, he’s smiling and having a good time.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas Break. Not that it matters for Delylah, she hasn’t been at school all week. But I have still been getting up at 5 am with Levi for school even after staying up with Delylah until 4:30am and I am so thankful break is coming! I would love to sleep. Assuming she gets better of course.

Kettle Corn and Hot Tea. That’s about what I am living off of right now and I gotta say, it’s pretty delish and goes well together.

Times are tough. Days are hard. The sickness is real. But I can still find things I am thankful for.

What are you Thankful for?



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Things You Just Gotta Handle Now That You’re An Adult

I bought the adult ticket and now I’m taking the ride. What a rollercoaster of twists and turns this motherhood thing has turned out to be. It’s the small stuff that no one tells you about that will blow your mind and occupy so much of your time. The only thing you can do is stare adulting in the face and say goodbye to your pants-less, formerly gross bedroom-self and take the adulting challenge because you’re a parent now. Here’s five things you gotta handle now.

Less Sleep Is Your Life Now

The operating on less sleep doesn’t stop at the infant stage. If you want to get anything done for yourself, sure, there are those days when you say, “I need a day for me.” But, by in large, your “me” time will happen after everyone else goes to bed. If you want to do something creative, hear your own thoughts, watch something that isn’t a cartoon — you’re going to be doing it in the wee hours. Sure, it would be fun if you were well rested, but this is the compromise of motherhood. Not only that, but your 7 or 12 year old will be up all night with fevers, vomiting, diarrhea and many more sicknesses they will acquire while at school and you will be up with them until 4:30 am only to have your alarm ringing in your ear at 5am to get your other kids up for school.

The Weather Takes On A Level Of Importance You Never Knew Existed

Right?! Literally no one will tell you that the weather, of all things, will greatly impact your life now that you’re a parent. Gone are the days when you only paid attention to snow days because, hello, “DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL” the angels sang. Now as a bonafide adult/parent there’s all kinds of weather for you to pay attention to — is it a drizzle or deluge, snow or sleet, freezing rain or hot as hell? I know that people like to workout by running marathons and rolling gigantic tires as some kind of endurance test, but have you amassed the strength and stamina (let alone patience) it takes for snowsuit layers worn for exactly 2.3 seconds so you and your three-foot tiny human can quarter-ass a snowman in the dead of February? Now that’s a workout.

Color Coding The Hell Out Of A Calendar

There are schedules to keep and appointments to show up to where you’re kind of on time but within the penalty-free window of lateness; and bills to pay and auto-drafts you need to remember and too few payday reminders. Not that you need to remember those, but I have it on my calendar as something that isn’t a bill and, of course, it’s color-coded green for funsies. Yes, as an adult now, you write things like “funsies” and also longingly glance over at your napping cat living her best life, like, wanna trade places?

Schedules and Routines Are A Thing You Create For Your Own Sanity

As a mom, schedules are essential. Yes, I want my children to be well rested, but I also want my me time to start as soon as possible. If that means the sun is still shining at 8 o’clock then, looks like that’s what dark curtains were created for and worth every penny. Am I a drill sergeant about scheduling our lives? Absolutely not, but there is order in the chaos: dinner is around five, bedtime is around eight, and every night we do this, this and that. I was once the person who believed I did my best work under deadline. I’m still that person except the deadline is bedtime and how long can I keep my sanity before it arrives. The stakes are high, folks.

You Will Read The Fine Print And Almost Understand It

In adult world there are so many papers with teeny, tiny fine print. It’s your job now to read it and just about understand it. Yes, this will require you to read, go back, zone out, go back again and have the light bulb of recognition go off. But with car insurance, it doesn’t get any easier than having AAA explain everything to you with their 24-hour customer assistance. It’s like you’re a kid again and didn’t even have to try — you just asked a question and someone else told you how things work. Oh, the glory of those bygone days!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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