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Sickness Doesn’t Stop Us On Halloween!

It was a weekend of relaxation and sickness in my house.

The kids and I are all sick and we tried to move as little as possible over the weekend. Of course, that didn’t help and we are all still sick. Except Delylah, who I took to the doctors and is on antibiotics. Levi was complaining of ear pain this morning so it may be his turn to see the doctor next. I seem to put off the doctor as long as I can.

I started writing this yesterday and was haulted by a phone call. Levi’s ear pain was worse and I picked him up from school. An ear infection. The kid is never sick and now has Sinusitis and an Ear infection. Antibiotics for him and for me as well. We were up all night because his ears hurt so bad. I am waiting on him to wake up, see how feels and debate taking him back to the doctor. I can only hope that the ear drum finally ruptured and he won’t have any more pain or that the oil of oregano and hot compress with ibuprofen and antibiotic combination actually kicked in.

Today is Halloween!

I want to be excited! I can breathe through my nose which means my plans of sewing my mouth shut like a psychos victim while I give out candy might work out. Only it’s supposed to rain. I’m talking 90% chance of rain and that means it will surely rain. Not only that but all 3 of us are on antibiotics and fighting off sickness. We probably don’t need to be walking about in the rain for candy that I have bags of. Where is the fun in that though? So, I will see how the day plays out and what will happen.

We all like dressing up! We usually dress up together but last year Levi was over that and we decided to go our separate ways. Check out our costumes over the years.

Above is 2010 – 2013. 2010 Delylah was an Elephant and Levi was Woody. 2011 we had Mario and Minnie Mouse. 2013 we were Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook.

2014 and 2015. Skeletons and witches. And the Boxtrolls with Winnie.

2015 and 2016. A zombie family and a scarecrow, Ace Venture and a Spider Queen.

This year we have a Catwoman, Jason from Friday the 13th and a psychos victim. Halloween is always a fun time. Even when you’re sick!

Happy Halloween My Friends



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Finding The Good In The Shit

A lot of things have been happening that make it hard to find the good. This morning I was thinking of making a post about not being able to catch a break and then it dawned on me that today is Thursday. Thankful Thursday. So damn it, I will find things that I am thankful for from all the crap that has been going wrong.

We have 2 A/C units. One isn’t working right at the moment. It keeps freezing up and running constantly. While this is a pain in the butt, a cold front is moving in and it’s breaking at a perfect time! Not only that, but I pay monthly for a home appliance warranty company so it won’t cost much to have someone come look at it. There is a bright side. I am thankful it’s cold and it broke now instead of in the summer.

Delylah has been sick since October 16th. Fevers, head and chest congestion and constant nasal drainage. She was getting better and then woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. Today we will head to the docs, which I avoid doing because they like to pump her with anti biotics that she refuses to take and her body has become immune to most. But with her being home I have a buddy to go shopping with. Sick or not. I have to go get stuff and now we get to do it together!

I haven’t been to yoga in 2 weeks. I was thinking I would get to go today but with Delylah being sick and my stomach all screwed up, it’s just not going to happen. This sounds like a downer but there is good in this. For one, that’s why I have a membership. I can go when I want. It’s always there. For two, if I start to feel better I will do some yoga at home. Just going to yoga has taught me I don’t really need the studio to pursue my yoga journey and also taught me how to flow. So if I can, I will. I have the ability and the knowledge and I am thankful for that.

Halloween is coming! My favorite holiday and the yard is all ready except the fog machine and dry ice. The last final touches. Travis won’t be here that day so before he left he did some last-minute touches I needed (that I probably would’ve broke if I did myself) and helped complete my awesome yard! Having him home for so long was amazing! Especially to complete some honey do’s his last day when I was unable to do much getting ready for my colonoscopy. I am thankful to have such a good man!

As much as I am thankful for him, I am thankful for the friends I have made. He had to go to work the day I needed my colonoscopy done and I needed a ride for me and someone to pick Levi up from swim. My neighbor was more than willing to take me to my appt, feed me after and then feed my kids dinner for me. Another friend brought Levi home from swim even though her daughter wasn’t even at swim that day. Those are the kinds of people I want in my life. The Selfless kind. I am thankful out of all the people I have met here, I have found a few I can call my people!

So, while things around me might be going to shit, I can still find the good in it. I guess my positivity is coming back. For a bit there I thought maybe I was gonna lose my shit and turn into the negative lady no one wants to talk to. Keep looking for the good in the bull shit. It’s there. You can even use bull shit for fertilizer. There’s good in everything!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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Things I Have Lost Since Becoming A Mom

Even when in a public place I am un able to use the restroom by myself. Delylah either comes in the same stall as me or just opens the door and stands there while I do my business. I have come to be so used to this that I now am not bothered by it in public. Go ahead, leave the door open. At this point I have come to the realization that I will not see another day of privacy until my kids leave the nest. Even then, will I?

Realizing this, I started to think about everything else that has literally flown out the window since having these beasties! Its been a lot! Some I have regained slowly as they have aged but at this point they have no boundaries when it comes to mom and her privacy. And it’s not just my kids, my friends kids walk in the bathroom with me too. I must be awesome if you want to watch me on the pot!

Some of you may relate. Here are some things I have lost since having my little beasts.

1. Anything that has to do with a BATHROOM! From going to the bathroom, showering and doing my hair and make up, THEY are always there!!! No more modesty for this mama.

2. Eating candy or Ice Cream and not sharing. Sometimes I want the whole damn candy bar. Like, GET YOUR OWN! I’m sure I bought you one. Why the hell do you want MINE? Anything that is “mine” they want.

3. Making a decision and then changing my mind! I do this all the time but the annoyance that follows from the little beasts is sometimes not worth it. It’s like a test I have to go through just to get what I want. Who is the parent here?

4. Finish a sentence and not having to repeat it. What? I didn’t hear you. It’s too loud or I’m just totally ignoring you. What happened to thinking of something, saying it and getting an actual response?

5. Just going somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter. Before the kids if I wanted to drive up the mountain, I went. Wanted to go to the mall or the movies alone (which I did) I went! Go grab a bite to eat or go to the store, I went. Now I have little terrorists fighting against me at every turn! Wanting everything, everywhere we go!

6. Just Read. If it was raining or I had no money to go somewhere I picked up my book and would just read. Now the second I pick up a magazine or book is when the kids want something. By the time I’m done with them I don’t even remember what that last page was about. Thanks for the mommy brain kids!

7. Talk to an adult! Sure I talk to plenty of adults. The bagger at the grocery store, the kids doctors and teachers, a friends mom. Occasionally I get to have friends over and talk to them. An added bonus to this would be no interrupting or having to say “Mommy’s talking right now” or “Stop doing that to your brother” or “What happened now?”

8. Have a closet or space that is just MINE! I have a closet and a desk and I even have my own bedroom. But if you were to go in there I have kids crap on my desk and in it. In my closet. Their dirty clothes are in MY hamper. No Boundaries with these monsters! What’s mine is theirs.

9. SLEEP! I may not have slept much before them but that was my choice. My choice to have parties and wake up and party some more. My choice to stay up all night and go to work on 2 hours sleep and then party it up again. Now the only parties I am having are for my little beasties and when they wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason I want to sleep! All those years of not sleeping are kicking in and I’m tired! I’m only asking for 7 maybe 8 hours every night. Come on!

10. Free time. Not that I am looking for copious amounts of it but it is almost non existent. As a parent I realize almost everything is about your little bundles of joy/beasties. My free time is when they go to sleep. Where is the Free Time? It’s out there, somewhere. Waiting for me to grab it by the short and curlys and have my way with it. Until then….I’ll be here. With my precious little beasties!

11. Bladder Control. When I sneeze to hard, jump on the trampoline or do too many jumping jacks. Thanks for that kids.

12. Weight. This is a good thing. Always chasing them, changing our eating habits and trying to be healthy. Breastfeeding them when they were born. I weigh less now than before I ever got pregnant.

Luckily, they are both in school for part of every day during the weeks. I have a bit of free time to do what I want. Yoga, clean, write, read, clean, eat all the junk in the house….But they are and always will be all up in my space!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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It’s A Strange Day….

Today has been a different kind of day.

My kids didn’t have school yesterday so today is like our Monday. We all have some piece of Delylah’s head cold/respiratory issue. And I knew I had a doctor’s appointment today but of course failed to write down the time of the appointment. I had to wait until they opened to call and find out. My appointment happened to be right after they opened. Of course. And so my day goes on.

My appointment was with a gastrointestinal doctor. Upon walking in, my first observation is that I am probably the youngest patient this place has seen in a very long time. It felt weird being the youngest person in the office. I left the appointment with a day and a half of fasting and a colonoscopy schedule for tomorrow. Lucky me!

So right off the bat, I have some tips for preparing for your first colonoscopy.

While I was not prepared for them to schedule it the next day and I am not a breakfast person, you should EAT! Eat a lot! You have to fast for at least 24 hours if not more depending on the time of your procedure. So I didn’t have breakfast, went to my appointment at 9am and my colonoscopy was scheduled for tomorrow at 11am. No food for me until after, which I probably will be nauseous from anesthesia and not eat anyways.

Don’t skimp on crappy toilet paper. You’ll be wiping a lot!

The nasty drink you have to drink, isn’t all that bad.

Drink tons of water to feel full. Water, tea. Anything that is clear is allowed.

I’m sure in a couple of hours I will either be starving or completely turned off by food from the amount of times I will have used the bathroom.

Here is to an awesomely strange Tuesday! Great start to my week!


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