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PMS and Nachos

I woke up depressed yesterday.

Depressed that I’m still here. I’m stuck. Duh, you idiot your daughter just had surgery and you can’t do shit. It was the same when I had surgery, only this time I’m not the one confining us so it’s different. Every time I talk to Travis he can’t hear half of what I say and asks me to repeat myself. I’m cleaning up constantly and my kids seem to just walk behind me making messes. I took video games and electronics away (for very good reason) and they complain about being bored. We have a pool, zip line, toy room, trampoline, dogs. They could help do some chores. Like, what in the serious Fuck!?

Then I looked at the calendar and realized I’m going to start my period this week. Thank you for that. Being a hormonal, raging bitch of a woman that doesn’t understand her own feelings for at least a week. This is bull shit.

While I know that’s the case, I am still growling this morning and the kids aren’t even up yet! I am just preparing for when they do wake up. Which battle will I have to fight today? I’ve got to say, I have been so damn lenient since Delylah had her surgery they should be doing anything I say. They want ice cream (Even Levi who didn’t have surgery) all day everyday? Go ahead. Chocolate bars, Go ahead. Eat whatever we’ve got. BUT CLEAN UP YOUR EFFING MESS!!!!!

I usually don’t let my hormones get to me so much. Before my period comes each month I am always a little more stressed out which causes me to be cranky and it was something I recognized and tried hard to tone down. And did. I think with Travis being gone and very little adult interaction these last 2 weeks, Delylah having her surgery and only being able to do very little, the kids losing their video games and all up in my shit constantly has amped up my emotions a little. Or a lot!

Even though my period comes this week, it should be a better week. The kids are still grounded from video games but Delylah is getting better everyday. She began talking yesterday which makes dealing with her easier. Pointing and gesturing for what she wanted was beginning to aggravate me. She is still under strict no activity rules so we can’t do much but she can talk! Levi has swim everyday and dropping him off for at least an hour an having no one talking back to me or with attitude will feel like I’m at a day spa! Travis comes home tomorrow night.

Being a woman can sometimes be hard work with all these crazy hormones!

No wonder I wanted nachos yesterday.

Happy Monday My Friends


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Thankful On Surgery Day!

It’s Surgery Day and I am Thankful!

Thankful I have a neighbor who has become my friend that is there when I need help.

Thankful Travis isn’t home today for this. He is a big man who you would think is all manly but he’s a giant teddy bear with major anxiety when it comes to surgery of any kind with any of us. (Sorry babe)

Thankful Delylah is having surgery today! We have been waiting a long time for the doctors to do something for her and I’m so happy it’s finally happening!

Thankful my kids are sometimes ass holes. It’s makes punishing them and being able to follow through with said punishments easy.

Thankful for the friends and the kids friends that we have made that do follow through with any plans or just answering the phone when we call.

Thankful we have a ride on lawn mower. I can just imagine how much more trouble Levi would be in if he had to push a mower instead of just ride one yesterday.

Thankful we got our own bees and are able to have spoons full of honey, they help the medicine go down!

Thankful I am an independent woman. Our lifestyle would never work if I was a crybaby little bitch that needed Travis for everything.

Thankful for my cordless Dyson vacuum. It has taken the place of my broom and it is a complete lifesaver when you like your floors clean!

Thankful my couch reclines in 4 places. Delylah will be sleeping in a recliner for the first few days after surgery.

Thankful for my cats. I hate cats. But my cats kill all the spiders and bugs that we do come across in the house and there is a lot of bugs in Texas!

Thankful for puke buckets. We will be needing one for our ride home today and I keep all those giant ice cream tubs around just for this!

Some of the stuff I am Thankful for seems ridiculous because it kind of is. That doesn’t mean you can’t be thankful for it. Little, Big, Dumb or Important. I am Thankful for it all!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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Surgery, Trouble and Parenting At Its Finest!

Tomorrow is Delylah’s surgery.

She is definitely nervous. Rightfully so. It’s her first time having surgery. She has been sick a lot and seen many different doctors but never needed stitches or any kind of hospitalization. We have come close with pneumonia, seizures and allergic reactions. Every night before we go to sleep, it’s all she talks about and then proceeds to cry.

It doesn’t help that Levi says tormenting things to her like “They are going to drill holes in your ears and cut out your throat.” Which is sort of true….But that’s what brothers do.

This surgery is just what she needs. Her tonsils are so large that there is only a small opening in the back of her throat for air and food. It has caused her to have sleep apnea, mouth breathing and snoring. Her adenoids are always swollen and create pressure by not allowing her sinuses to release mucous and therefore creating infection, not helping fight infection. There is always fluid in her ears. She can’t hear well and is always getting ear infections. The tubes in her ears will allow drainage and easier maintenance should an ear infection arise. I can not wait for her to breathe better, hear better, sleep better and just be healthier overall!

I have tried to fill up every day leading up to surgery with friends and swimming as much as possible. She has 2 weeks of NO strenuous activity and NO swimming. As soon as she has her post op appointment we are off to the River for the Deathiversary of my Grandparents that we do every year. She will get to have fun with her family and it will be the last HOO-RAA before school starts. I am looking forward to it!

Unfortunately for my kids, they aren’t nice to each other some times and because of that one of them decided to turn on me. Over video games. That was the wrong thing to do. They both lost video games, electronics, Levi lost his phone and they are lucky to be able to even watch T.V! For how long? As long as it takes for them to be nice to each other and be nice to me. It’s bad timing for them because Delylah can do nothing for 2 weeks and will have control of the T.V, living life on the couch for the first couple of days. But they will live, hopefully learn from their mistakes.

The joys of parenting.

Before the night is through I am going to finish cleaning up the house, get the lawn mowed (Levi is going to do it and he doesn’t know it yet), grocery shop, go to Levi’s swim conditioning, finish the paint job and clean up in the room I started and fit yoga somewhere in the busy schedule!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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Face It, Kids Are Loveable Ass Holes

We had quite a weekend!

I love watching kids play and being nice to each other but let’s face it, that only happens 30% of the time if we are lucky. The moment that you take them out of the house for a little change they act even worse and begin to put their hands on each other so they can get attention from anyone who will look their way.

We had some friends over on Saturday. Friends I haven’t seen in 8 years. Their daughter was the flower girl in my wedding and we had grown up together. While we are all swimming, Delylah begins to cry. It was a case of he hit me so I hit her back and she is over dramatic because I know she can beat up her brother if she really wanted to. At this point, they both get punished with just saying I’m sorry and a warning that if it happens again they have to get out of the pool. That’s not good enough for Levi who seeks revenge! Why doesn’t she ever get in trouble! Because you hit her back and you’re 5 years older! DUH!

Let me tell you about the groan. UUGGGHHH. If you haven’t heard it from your pubescent kid or your growing drama queen, you soon will and it will drive you nuts! All I asked was for him to get his swim trunks on and come to the pool. UUGGGHHHH! So much groaning. You would think he was part animal. Of course, when he gets in the pool he’s happy as can be. Thanks for all the troubles kid!

Frequenting stores with kids, I have a 50/50 chance of them being ass holes to each other just for attention. Like, look at me pulling my sisters hair, annoying the shit out of her just because I can and I think it’s funny. While she cries and then turns around and throat punches him and we are in the check out line. I smile and the clerk looks at me with sympathy but also like why they hell does this lady have kids. Yes, those are my Beastie Hellions. No, they don’t normally act like this but they want you to look at them and they have succeeded. They won. That’s what matters to them. React like a crazy person and you lose. You are just like them and then the clerk knows where they got it from. Breath and usher your children to the car where you can beat them while cursing at them and threatening them with taking away everything they love away if they do it again. And don’t worry. They will do it again!

Do you like clean windows? If you have kids you shouldn’t like clean windows, glass or stainless steel appliances. As soon as I clean any of that, what do my Beasties do? It’s like they pull their pants down and rub their bare butts on it. You specifically say, Don’t touch that because I just cleaned it. That’s your first mistake. That is their in. They begin to act like ninjas to see who can put more smudges on whatever it happens to be first and without getting caught. You begin to wonder….who’s kids are these?

Then there are the times they are the sweetest, most loving to each other and to the people around them. That makes you think, there’s my kids but also whose kids are these?

Levi is always helping the kids who can’t swim. So gentle and kind. No groaning of any sort. Helping them up and down the stairs if they need it. Really, just very helpful and there if they get hurt. Delylah is more playful and protective but doesn’t throw throat punches at every kid who touches her. Just at her brother.

Kids are ass holes. Loveable, compassionate, dramatic, attention seeking ass holes.

Happy Monday My Friends


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