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Updated Bathroom On A Budget!

I have been working on updating Delylah’s bathroom for at least a month now. If not longer. It has been a slow process.

We updated her bathroom for $168.00 and it looks like a completely different bathroom. Of course I didn’t take any before pictures from it being our bathroom but I have pictures of the bathroom from the 2 previous owners. The first picture is the original owner of the house. The second picture is the people we bought the house from. We are the third owners of the house. It didn’t look much different for us except the decor.

There is really no difference except the accessories. Through that door is the shower and closet. Which we have taken off. When you take a shower with that door closed, it gets extremely hot in there, even with the fan on. We were thinking of a sliding door or eliminating the door frame altogether but I think we are just going to leave it without a door and when we decide to sell, put the door back on.

Here is the bathroom now.

It didn’t cost a lot of money to make the bathroom look completely different. The first thing I did was paint the cabinets. I had gray paint (Dolphin Gray) leftover from the kitchen and used that, so it didn’t cost me anything. I picked up some drawer pulls from Target for $30.00 as well. I could have gotten cheaper ones but I was looking for a package that had enough in 1 pack for the entire bathroom. Before, there were no drawer pulls at all.

Then I painted the walls. $30.00 for a good gallon of paint in “Exclusive Ivory.” It took 2 coats to cover the blue and where the toilet was the color was a dingy white/beige which also took 2 coats to cover completely. I had some super white paint, left here from one of the owners and used that to paint all the molding and door trim to finish the bathroom off and make it all look crisp.

We framed the builder grade mirror with molding that I spray painted black. The molding was $60.00. Again, we could have gone with a cheaper style that had no design but we liked this one. I painted it, Travis cut it and put it in. I love the way it upgrades the bathroom.

All the new hooks were bought at Ross for $3.00 and I loved them when I saw them! I didn’t know if they would work well in the bathroom but they look great in there.

We still have to buy the floating shelves that will go above the toilet and a toilet paper holder but I did compute that into our cost for this project.

Delylah picked out her own shower curtain with matching rugs and she has her same decor from her old bathroom. I don’t think it’s going back up in the bathroom though. It will end up in the toy room as decorations. It looks like this ↓ and doesn’t really suit the bathroom anymore.

I love the way the bathroom came out and when the floating shelves get here and put in the bathroom will be complete! It took time and effort but I did it in my own time, that’s why it took so long. It doesn’t cost much to upgrade a room in your house. It’s the little things like paint, drawer pulls (accessories) and the something a little extra like framing the mirror or changing a light fixture. We did the same with our kitchen not too long ago.  You can see that post here → Kitchen Upgrade

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, don’t let money get in the way. Start small with one room at a time, with paint and go from there. You will be surprised was a good coat of paint will do to a room!

Happy Saturday My Friends


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TidBits Or Confessions?

As I was putting on my bra yesterday or taking it off, I can’t remember which, I had a thought about a post. A sort of confession/about me. Tidbits that I don’t really mention but after I thought about them, what harm would come from mentioning them? Absolutely none. It might make someone laugh or feel better because they do it too. Or it might make you all think I’m a crazy person with too much access to a computer.

I’ll start with my initial reason for thinking of this.

As I was putting on my bra it occurred to me, I am 33 and still have to clasp my bra in the front and then spin it around. I can not, for the life of me, clasp it in the back. Anyone else??

I am a pimple popper. If I see a pimple on me, the kids or Travis, I will pop it. You better not let me see it if you don’t want me to pop it.

The obsession with scrubbing my feet with a pumice stone, lotioning them up at night and covering them with socks, started a few years back. I felt as though I was getting feet like my grandma. Dry, cracked and rough. That is not what I wanted. I started scrubbing them every night. Covering them with lotion and socks before bed. Now I have beautiful soft, never a crack in them feet!

↑ This is because I don’t wear shoes. I either wear flip-flops or nothing.

We have a bedtime routine and I am so grateful that we started it when Levi was little. It made it easier when Delylah was born. My kids go to bed at 8pm on school nights with no issues. They just go to sleep. It’s heavenly!

We have birthday parties and get togethers. I am terrible at sending Thank You notes. I want to and think about it but it doesn’t get done. I “said” the words when I saw you, doesn’t that count? I just know, receiving a Thank You in the mail is nice.

I have 2 kids. I don’t have a favorite. I love them both equally and when I dislike them, I dislike them both equally. If I had more than 2 kids, I think I would have a favorite.

Do you have a favorite kid? Mom, (I know you’re reading this) who is your favorite??

I feel like losing my shit is a stress reliever. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does happen, I feel better. Like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Unfortunately, my kids have been pretty good and I don’t have to lose my shit.

When people asked me what I did for work I would feel a twinge as I replied with “I’m just a stay at home mom.” I loved being able to say “I stay home and run a ranch,” but those days are gone. Now, I’m still a stay at home mom but I no longer feel the twinge when I answer. That comes later, when I am asked what hobbies I have or what I like to do and I’m required to dig deep and think about what it is I really like to do, even if it’s not what I am doing…. I’m a mom. My life consists of cleaning (because I am proud to have a clean house), trips to school and making sure my pubescent tweenager is at least trying to get his shit together, doctor/dentist appointments for the family, yard work, yoga, bills, fixing up the house one step at a time, writing, after school sports and activities, making meals, learning more about essential oils and making my own blends. There is more but that requires that digging deep thing I had mentioned. Those are partly my hobbies and partly my job. I don’t know. This subject needs some pondering…

I don’t watch much T.V. My kids watch so much T.V that it’s enough for our whole family. I do love a good movie and having movie night but I never sit and just watch T.V. I don’t have a show and when the kids are gone and it’s just me, the T.V is never even on. I think I could live without cable, Netflix, all of it. Give me a DVD player and a T.V and I’d be good.

Anyone feel the same?

Happy Friday My Friends


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Thankful On A Thursday!

When I was writing my post yesterday, I almost started to post what I was Thankful for and then it hit me. It wasn’t Thursday. Not that I need it to be Thursday to post what I am Thankful for but the words “Thankful Thursday” have a much nicer ring to them than “Thankful Wednesday.” It hit me in the middle of writing and realizing that Travis had just left for work and he leaves on Wednesday’s. How I lost track of the days is beyond me because I knew the day before was Tuesday. We made Tacos!

Today is Thursday! I was thankful yesterday and I’m still thankful today, as I am everyday!

I am Thankful to be a stay at home mom. I’m not “Just” a stay at home mom. Although, that’s how I used to say it. I am the/a stay at home mom, with a big job. Because I am able to stay home, I am able to do things like I did yesterday. Go to Levi’s school, meet with his teachers and make a plan for the rest of the school year. I am able to refurbish rooms in the house, however slow a process I end up making it. I can focus on making the yard more my own. Most importantly, I have the time to be with my family doing whatever it is we choose to do. Gymnastics, Soccer, Swim Team, Yoga, Hiking, Playing. The possibilities are truly endless with my job!

My kids are talkers. More Delylah than Levi but they use their words. She has been having issues with kids at school recently and instead of the typical “I don’t want to be your friend anymore” response from a 7-year-old, she uses big girl words and responds more along the lines of “You’re not being very nice to me right now and I don’t want to talk to you until you’re being nice to me.” When kids tell her they don’t want to be her friend anymore (which happens everyday!!!!!!!) she tells them “Friends don’t say that to friends.” Unfortunately, she is only 7 and it doesn’t matter that she says and knows friends don’t say that to friends, they also say sorry and she forgives easily. They are still friends and the kids say it to her again and again. Although that happens, I am so Thankful she hasn’t forgotten to use her words.

I have been attending a meditation class every week since the beginning of March. I can actually say now that I can meditate unguided and count on my breath to take me somewhere no one and nothing else can take me. It is a freeing feeling that I welcome every chance I get and I am extremely Thankful to have been able to learn and been open to it.

We recently purchased a Nucleus of Bees and started our very own Bee Hive. It is something we have never done and it is a new adventure we are taking together as a family. A learning adventure that takes each person in the family to partake in. Not only are we helping the population of the bees but we are helping our kids to learn about something new with us. Even though Delylah is allergic to bees, she is testing the boundaries of her allergy and learning to be calm and breath so the bees know she is not stressed or anxious. It’s an amazing experience that I am Thankful to be a part of and share as a family.

I am always Thankful for the everyday things. A roof over my head, food in belly, my family being able to be together. I have to dig a little deeper to think about the things that don’t cost money. That come naturally that you sometimes take for granted.

What are you Thankful for?


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Learning From Failure

Today, I have quite the busy morning. I am going to attempt to drive Levi to school, check him in and talk with his math teacher and principal. Poor Delylah has to be in tow for this because Travis left for work so she has to be ready for school by 6:20 this morning. I am hoping to make it back home in time for her to catch the bus since you aren’t allowed to drop kids off at school before 7:45 and still make it to meditation by 8am. I am over zealous this morning. But Levi’s education is calling for more attention and his excuses for missing math tutoring don’t add up. This is the only way I can find out what is really going on.

Ah, the life of a parent.

Levi was already upset yesterday just by me mentioning that I would be walking him into school. When your child has ample time to go to tutoring for any class he chooses before school and tells you “They,” whoever “They” are, wouldn’t let him go to tutoring and then he begins to fail that class, you begin to investigate his claims.

I understand that 6th grade is hard. I remember 6th grade. My teachers were Mr. Bueno and Mr. Gallo and my elective teacher changed half way through the year and the only one I remember was Mr. K. I didn’t have 6 teachers like Levi has. I didn’t have a lot of friends. I had to walk to and from school. Nobody reminded me to do my homework or helped me with it and I was a A/B student. I played basketball and ran the triathlon. It was the first year we were allowed to play sports. It wasn’t the first awkward year though. I’d say that started in 5th grade.

I didn’t have to work hard, I just had to do the work and do it right.

When he tells me things like: “You don’t understand.” “You don’t even know what that is.” “Ya, I’m smarter than you.” “I hate school.” I just want to smack the daylights out of him. I was 11. And when was I 11, I was smarter than you. I sure as hell didn’t have any F’s. I didn’t back talk like you do….yet. That came a few years later. If anybody understands, it’s ME!

So, here I am this morning. Ready to embarrass my kid because I love him. Because I understand. Because failing at 11, is a ridiculous option and no parent should be willing to let their child be OK with that.  Because his teacher has told me that he knows what he’s doing, he’s just lazy. Which sounds just like my kid.

Don’t let your kids be OK with failure. That is not the final step. The success comes from the courage to continue!

Wish me luck.

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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