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The Most Fabulous Of Fridays!

Being that it’s the last day of the month and it’s Friday, let me tell you how Fabulous it is!!!

Let me just start by, It’s Friday and this week has felt very long. I don’t know if it’s the amount of stuff I tried to cram into it or am still trying to cram into but Friday brings sweet relief to my cramming and that feels FABULOUS!

Today I will endure my first Hot Yoga Class. I’m nervous but so excited at the same time. I have been having major allergy issues and hoping for the Hot Yoga session to be like a detox and kick-start my sinuses into feeling fabulous!

I entered the Chili Cook Off/Hoe Down at Delylah’s school and am almost done making things for the booth. It was slow going because I took on the biggest project first but I only have a few things left to make. I’m excited for my booth to take shape! It feels Fabulous to be almost done!!!!

I began working on Delylah’s Bathroom. Another slow going project. But I do have her cabinets done now and that alone feels Fabulous and makes the bathroom look 10 times better!

My garden has many things sprouted and growing but I can actually see peppers, tomatoes and zucchini! I can’t wait to eat the fruits and veggies of our labor!

Everyone woke up at my house in a Fantastic mood. Me at 5am, 5:30 am for Levi and 6:15 for Delylah. It’s early for kids but they were both in great moods and ready to take on the day! Everyone is feeling Fabulous!!! Let’s hope when they get home from school they still have that attitude!

I feel like I’m finding my niche here. Taking my time, making mistakes along the way, creating and finding the things that I want to do that make me happy and keep me busy. They may not include a lot of people. They may not be right and I might change it all in a few months but right now I’m figuring it all out and am feeling better than I have since we moved here. So today, I am feeling fabulous!

Wine…Wine is fabulous. And so is GOOD Vodka. Not everyday. Not all the time. But when I need it and want it, it’s so Fabulous!

My pool is warming up all by itself! Finally! I can not begin to tell you how Fabulous that is! It went from 66-70 degrees over night! Thank you Texas heat! I really dislike swimming in a freezing pool!

What has you feeling Fabulous today?


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Ending The Month With Thankful Inspirations

March is coming to an end.

These last two days of the month happen to be fantastic days for me to post positivity and thankfulness!

Let me just begin.

It has been a long journey, figuring out my place here in Texas. I still haven’t figured out exactly what I should be doing with all of my time but I have been doing so much better. Not having a ranch and space is difficult. With the support from Travis, everyday is becoming easier. I am extremely thankful to have Travis in my life and by my side.

We started a garden, began filling flower beds and creating “my space,” our yard. This sort of goes with the one above because Travis helps a lot. But by doing these things I have something of my own. Something that keeps me busy. Something I can change all the time if I want to. Something to be proud of at the end of the day.

Honesty. I know it’s hard to understand sometimes and that the truth hurts sometimes. Not only can telling the truth hurt yourself but also the person you have to tell it too. But I am so thankful that I was gifted with talent to just be honest. It does take talent. Whether a person understands where I am coming from or not. Whether it hurts everyone or not. I would so much rather the truth be out there than be suffering from holding it all in. I recently let it all out and it hurt everyone involved including myself but because of it I was able to slowly start obtaining happiness and that is why telling the truth is so important.

My house is humongous! Most people wouldn’t be thrilled about this. All the cleaning and stuff everywhere. We don’t have stuff everywhere and my house is always pretty clean. But Levi said to me last night, “When we have visitors come I never have to give up my room again.” He’s right! He used to always have to give up his room whenever we had visitors. He hated doing that! He never has to do it again! We have 7 bedrooms! SEVEN! And a loft! Plenty of room for visitors!

Yoga. I am thoroughly enjoying yoga. The studio I go to doesn’t just have yoga classes, they have fitness classes as well. I have attended almost 1 of every class and even brought my kids to a kids yoga class there which they both loved! The fitness classes are no joke though. If you have never been to a Barre class or a Yoga Tone class, be prepared to drop some F-Bombs and find zero inner peace because that is not what those classes are about. I believe that I have started friendships with some of the women there, students and instructors and love the environment and type of people it brings in.

I get to see the sunrise everyday. Getting up at 5am sucks. Sometimes I slept terrible and feel even worse. But when I think about it, the sun rises right outside my front door everyday. There are no majestic mountains that it is rising behind like back home but the sun is still rising. Rising behind the plumes of clouds taking their shapes for the day. Behind the rows of trees, forever green with their outstretched branches reaching for morning sun. It can be truly breath-taking if you choose to look it that way.

I am thankful I choose to look it at that way and I get to see it!

Travis and I drew up my tattoo together and the meaning that it has for me is tremendous. The fact that we drew it together ties the meaning together even more. We share each other openly and consistently. It’s like we are both in that piece of art intertwined together. I am thankful for him (again) and that I have him in what we drew together on my path, tattooed on me forever!

Some of these may be deep. My month has been filled with doubt, lifted by hope and grounded by raw feelings!

What are you thankful for lately??


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The Bedtime Talker

In the past few weeks, every night when I put Delylah to bed she has a something to say about her day. Always, at bed time. She usually always all of a sudden wants water. Suddenly feels sick. Needs to blow her nose and even though she has been sleeping fine in that same room, is scared tonight. The tall tales of a 7-year-old. Not only that, but the actual truths that they spew out of innocence is astounding.

Our little night-time embellished routine has conversations such as this –

The boys at school are so mean to me. I can’t use my words because I’ll get clipped down in class so I just don’t say anything. I try to find them at recess but they hide from me. (I offered many suggestions, she knows my first one is to use her words and she didn’t like what I had to say)

I never get perfect attendance and it’s all your fault. Why can’t you just make me go to school all the time even when I am sick and ask to stay home? It’s not fair I have to miss the perfect attendance party all the time! (I remind her that she has had fevers of 104 and it’s really unsafe to send her to school but she said she doesn’t care. I’m a bad mom for making her miss perfect attendance parties)

At school, they are having a book fair and said I could buy all these books. (She shows me a list with 20 or more books on it) I picked them all out and this what they cost. (I try to tell her that we can maybe get one or 2 books and those people aren’t her mom or dad. We aren’t made of money. They can buy her all they books she wants if she wants that many)

It’s too dark in my room. Can you turn on my closet light and open the door? That’s not enough light either. Can you turn my light on too? ( I remind her she used to have 1, ONE night-light and now she is all of sudden terrified of the dark. I look around and reassure her hoping to keep some lights off but the closet light usually wins)

I didn’t get to meet Great Grandma but I talk to her every night. She’s right over there in the corner of my room. I talk to her and Grandpa and my other Great Grandparents. I stay up with them. My friends think I’m weird when I tell them I talk to my Grandparents that are dead. (Well baby girl, that is a little weird. Maybe don’t tell your friends and tell them all I said hi and I love them…I mean, what do you say?)

*SIGHS* At school today, my friend was mean but we made up. Then I decided to play with my other friends and this other girl was being mean. Why are people so mean? I used my words and told them if they weren’t going to be nice that I wasn’t going to play with them until they wanted to be nice and if you want friends you be nice to them but they laughed at me. ( The struggle of raising a realist is real. She’s too sensitive for it at this age )

Every single night when I put her to bed it begins with the *SIGH* and then her story.

What do your kids do at bedtime?


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Yesterday Delylah got to lead her entire school in the Texas Pledge while one of her best friends led the entire school in the regular pledge. The girls did a great job and were so excited! It took Delylah a little out of her comfort zone to speak in front of a large group of people but she rocked it!

After the school assembly Travis and I got busy getting things done at home. Our quads finally have a home in the shed out of the weather and I started getting ready for my booth for the chili cook off/hoedown thing. Really, I got step one of one thing done. But I did start. It seems like every project I start lately is very slow going. I have almost 2 weeks to get everything ready for my booth and it shouldn’t be too bad except I’m trying to make this…. or something like it. I’m wishing myself the best of luck. So far, it’s painted white.

After I painted that, because you know, that was so hard, I got a tattoo.

I had been planning it for a while. Travis and I drew it up last week and were waiting for this day. At least I was waiting for this day. I wanted it before we ever moved from California and it had different meaning then. If you are unfamiliar with a Unalome it is a symbol for your path to enlightenment. Mine is backwards on purpose because I wanted to start with an elephant and end with an infinity symbol, meaning my path to enlightenment never ends. The lotus flower symbolizes my hardships, strength, finding beauty and awakening to reality.  That wasn’t my original plan but my recent feelings changed my idea for my tattoo. I love it! It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would. If I had to sit through color it would probably have hurt like hell.

Today I am headed back to yoga. Trav gets a massage and gets to see the dentist all in one day. Lucky him! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the chili’s drawn on that board I started!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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