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The past couple of days have kicked me in the face. Each day I try to find the positive, no matter what. As I woke this morning, with many things on my mind, I realize that the things that are kicking me in the face are all things I can not control. But I can control how I perceive them. That’s one of the first steps in being happy! Looking at things differently. With that being said, it is time for a THANKFUL THURSDAY!

I am extremely thankful for my kids positive outlook. Yes, they aren’t always happy-go-lucky kids, and yes they sometimes seem to hate life. But with everything from moving, not knowing anyone, making new friends, not having mom to play with constantly since I am so busy getting everything done here and all the stressful things that have happened, they have been on top of their game. Helping me out, telling me everything will be ok and getting along. I just love my little beasties!

I am thankful for all the support I receive from my friends and family. We are certainly not close (living) but we are always there for each other and that helps me get through the toughest of days. Knowing I can call someone and get all the BS out makes me feel better.

We have a pool. Oh Yes, I am super thankful for that! Without the pool, I don’t know that we would be able to adjust as good as we have. The humidity here is terrible but the pool has helped out tremendously. I get super busy organizing and cleaning but when we jump in that pool we are all together playing, having fun and spending time together.

My neighbors are A-OK and I am thankful for that. Growing up in the city I know some people who live around you can be total douche bags. We happen to like our neighbors and they’ve been pretty helpful. Telling us the happening spots or where we can take our kids to have fun. Which grocery store is better. They also have kids, so my kids don’t have to be super bored all the time. Our little dog got out once when we weren’t home and they put him back in for us. That’s pretty cool in my book. They may be small things but they end up being big!

I am thankful for stupid things like ceiling fans, the swifter mop, trash day, window shades and tiki torches. With dark hard wood floors you can see all the animal hair my fur creatures leave behind. The swifter mop is awesome for that. We no longer can fill a trailer with trash and go to the dump. Thank goodness the trash man comes once a week because I don’t know what we do, we seem to have a plethora of garbage. The tiki torches in the back yard with bug repellent have been a blessing. I don’t have any fresh bug bites! Just got a quote for window shades for our east facing windows. I can’t wait for that to happen and the upstairs can be cooler. The ceiling fans, that is just a must here!

While we are going through quite a bit right now, there is always something positive in everything negative. You just to have to stop and look around for it. The bad stuff happens to teach us how to look at the good things in a whole new way.

Happy Thankful Thursday My Friends!



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Sometimes it’s hard to be a good friend. Sometimes it’s best to be the bigger person and sometimes it’s best to eat  brownies, drink wine and vent. Luckily, I have some tips on how to be just that kind of friend!

BE AN AVERAGE SIZED PERSON- Do you like hanging out with really skinny people that make you feel fat? Or heavier/thicker people that make you feel skinny? Me neither. That’s why I eat ice cream and drink. I don’t want to make my friends feel fat while hanging out with me and I don’t want to feel like the skinny little bitch either. I just drink a few more beers and have a block a cheese. It’s the least I could do for my friends.

DON’T DO A FANTASTIC JOB OF CLEANING YOUR HOUSE- It’s comforting when I walk into a friend’s house and there’s clutter on the counters, fingerprints on windows and mirrors and laundry not being washed. I do clean…a lot. Sometimes I feel like it’s all I do. But, especially right now, it’s not “clean, clean” and if your house looks like mine we are all being good friends!

MAKE SURE YOUR KIDS ANNOY THE SHIT OUT OF YOU WHILE YOU’RE ON THE PHONE- Anyone who talks to me on the phone knows that is the time my kids all of sudden need everything. Or they fight! I like to think this is a special gift for my friends. It helps make them feel more normal when their kids do the same thing. Or it makes them feel super awesome because their kids never do it!

SCREW UP DINNER- Or forget about it all together. It makes your guests/friends feel like amazing cooks! I have BBQ’d and burnt everything. It immediately makes everyone feel like they are better at cooking than me. It’s the least I could do.

NEVER LOOK TOO PUT TOGETHER- I used to never leave my house without being somewhat put together. Now, I don’t do my hair, wear make up or wear clothes without stains. I either make people feel awesome because they look great or think I’m a crazy person. Which also makes them feel better. haha

UPDATE YOUR FB STATUS WISELY- You will never see me posting things on Facebook like, “My kids LOVE picking up their toys” or “Oh my gosh, I have to buy myself smaller jeans (again)!”  No, you won’t. Because I am a good friend. Instead, I post things like: “Man – my kid just puked again,” or “Bugs suck!” or “How did I manage to gain 10 pounds this week?” Be a good friend – think before you Facebook.

STOP CLEANING YOUR MINI-VAN- I have this one mastered. Mini vans are for road trips packed with anything and everything that will be spilled all over, smashed into the carpet and lost forever under the seats. I wonder what the smell is but not too much as to make me go looking for it. This has helped to ward off any mini-van jealousy from my friends who thought they wanted one and haven’t gotten it yet.

WHERE PJ’S or YOGA PANTS EVERYWHERE- When I see a mom out wearing her Scooby Doo pajamas I instantly feel better about what I have on. You want to be a great friend? Rock some PJ’s or Yoga pants…..always!

LEAVE SOME FLOATERS- I can certainly count on my kids for this one. They never, ever flush the toilet! It’s like an ice breaker. Nothing makes someone feel cleaner than you, than leaving some stinky floaters in the bathroom.

Some of these are easier to implement than others but once you get the hang of it, we can all be better friends!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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We moved from California to Texas. Both places get exteremly hot! Only now when it’s 90 degress we also have 100% humidity to deal with and that makes it 100 times hotter and worse to go outside in! We keep the air at 76 and the kids only want to go outside to swim. That’s it! I thought it was bad enough having to buy my kids new shorts since they haven’t worn them in a while and have out grown everything and having to shave my legs daily. But now we have to go out into the insufferable heat because that’s what we do! Parenting in hot weather sucks!

Here’s why-

ALL THE CRAP YOU HAVE TO PACK TO LEAVE THE HOUSE- Yeah, it takes an hour to leave the house in winter but that’s mostly because of all the clothes you have to bundle your kids in. In summer, you have to pack the whole house and medicine cabinet. God forbid you go anywhere without bathing suits, towels, gallons of water, snacks, buckets and pails, sunblock, insect repellant, and…I’m probably forgetting something, right?

SUNBLOCK- I know I mentioned it above but sunblock deserves its own entry on the shit list. I hate sunblock—so much. My kids hate having it applied. I hate putting it on them. I hate cleaning it off. I hate that I either have to spend my paycheck buying them sunblock without horrid chemicals or use cheap sunblock that is obviously going to kill them. Lose, Lose here.

HAVING TO BATHE YOUR KIDS- I can usually get away with bathing my littles once or twice a week unless something unusual happens but in summer, I really have no excuses. We have to get the chlorine, bug spray and sweat off.  And sitting in a stuffy 90 degree bathroom every night while my little guppie splashes happily in the water is absolute torture.

HAVING NO CHOICE BUT TO BATHE YOURSELF- As a full-time mom, I don’t have time to shower daily. I just don’t. But in extreme heat, I have no choice. Sometimes I need two showers a day, which means I have to listen to my kids wreck my house twice a day while I wash the sweat off my sad, sorry self.

ANYWHERE YOU GO MUST CONTAIN A/C OR WATER- When it’s really hot, local parks and playgrounds aren’t OK unless they have sprinklers. Even hanging out in the backyard doesn’t work unless water is involved. (Thank goodness we have a pool) Water is fun but it’s also a royal pain in the ass, especially when you’re dealing with wet bathing suits and wet children on a daily basis. If you don’t take your kids somewhere outside, you have to strategically plan to be in places that have air conditioning; most do, but you’d be surprised how many places are still in the dinosaur ages when it comes to cooling systems.

METAL BUCKLES IN THE CAR- Just getting into a hot car with a kid is an annoying ordeal in and of itself. But I have to zero in on the buckles on the car seat for a second because they are my nemesis. That and the leather seats! You ask your kids to buckle and get annoyed as hell when they are screaming in the back seat.  It took me a minute to figure out that they had seared their legs but once I figured it out, I felt like the worst mother in the universe. (for a minute) Beware the metal buckles in the car during the summertime—they are the devil!

WRECKED SLEEP SCHEDULES- You’d think the heat would wipe the kids out but they are impervious to it. Plus, the sun is still out at 9 p.m., so it’s impossible to convince them to go the hell to sleep. Of course, they’ll still wake up at the crack of dawn, no matter what time they crash.

MOSQUITOS- I like some bugs. I make sure my kids don’t intentionally kill them. But mosquitoes? Screw you, mosquitoes. You carry diseases and your main job is to bite people and drink their blood. Plus, the welts you leave on me and the kids are ginormous and keep them up all night scratching.

HEAT=CRANKY- The humidity, especially, just messes with my patience. It’s totally rage-inducing. And the kids aren’t any better. Cranky kids + cranky parents = World War III, the summer edition.

OK, I know these are all First World problems. I should be grateful that I have access to sunblock, clean drinking water, pools, and air conditioning. There are a lot of memories to be made over the course of a summer. I like the freedom of our long days and how exhilarated my kids are to be running around wearing practically nothing and sucking on popsicles by the dozen.

But I still find summer—especially the extreme heat and humidity—to be a total buzzkill. I want it to die a slow, hot, merciless death.

Happy Hot Summer Days My Friends



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It has been a little over 2 weeks since we moved in. Things are finally getting put in their place and rooms are looking like rooms instead of storage spaces filled with boxes. The kids seem to really enjoy their spaces which were done first in an effort to make them more comfortable here. I think that worked out!

Here is our progress….


The living room is still not finished and there are a few boxes behind the couch but it is getting there. Soon the T.V will be hung on the wall and the china cabinet will be in the dinning room. I don’t know how soon but that is the plan.


My Kitchen and dinning room. The kitchen does not have as much space as my previous kitchen, so making it work for all of our kitchen gadgets was difficult but it’s coming along. The dinning room is one of my favorite rooms in the house because of the new table and my wall of signs.

office loft

My office and the loft space. Don’t mind my almost naked child. We are all trying to adjust to the humidity! The loft now has a larger T.V for the kids and my office is a major work in progress. I’m going to love it when it’s finished!

delylahs rm levis rm

The kids rooms. Levi’s room was fun to put together. He is getting older and wanted to help do it “his way.” Delylah chose the more grown up looking room which surprised me but it fits her well.

toyrm music rm

The toy room and music room. I thought Delylah would pick this pink/brown room for her own. Since she didn’t, it became the toy room! It actually works out great! Travs music room is a work in progress and the piano was just brought upstairs to join in the music madness!


The backyard. Travis has been busy cutting out the Oleanders and some other bushes that fall into the pool. Levi has been doing the mowing. It will be a work in progress for a while with the 100% humidity in 95 degree weather, it’s hard to get it all done at once. The pool is our sanctuary right now!

For only being here for 2 weeks, we have gotten tons done. I’m excited to see it all coming together and to begin enjoying each space.

Happy Monday



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