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Getting closer and closer to our move date. Today I have reflected on the things I will miss most.

The beautiful night sky! I don’t know what it will be like where we are moving. When we were there I was too busy to look up at night or too tired. But here you can see everything crystal clear. Since I was a child I have always loved looking up into the universe and putting together the constellations.

My friends. While I don’t have that many, the ones I do have are the best ones I could ever ask for. I know I will be back to visit but who knows how often. It will be hard to leave but I will not say goodbye, only see you later.

Same goes for my family. I am leaving behind my brothers and their families, In laws and my parents. Again, it is not goodbye, only see you later.

Having all the kids at my house. This past year has been pretty awesome with the kids friends always coming over. I am the more strict mom but they always seem to want to come here. Watching my kids have the best last year with all their friends was fantastic and will be missed dearly. It will only be a matter of time before I’m that mom where we are moving.

I am really going to miss having land. Scads of land! Being able to go for a walk or riding quads out back but never actually leaving the property. Being able to shoot in the back yard and have whatever types of animals I please. My land has been my cave, my hole, my home. It is mine! But alas, we are saying farewell to it and I will miss it dearly. Hopefully some day we will have a nice chunk again.

Mountains! So far, every where we went in Texas they lack the big, glorious mountain terrain we are so used to. We camp on the mountains around us, hike them and go 4 bying up them. Definitely something you don’t think about until you don’t have it anymore.

The amazing small town feel I get when I go in one of the stores and have been remembered since I was a child. The old timers and lifers here not only know me but my entire family. Have watched me grow in all ways. Good, bad and now super awesome! It will be weird not being able to go into a hardware store, auto parts store or liquor store where the employees and owners know me by name and like me!

The cold. Just looking at the weather at the new place (always hot, muggy and humid) makes me already miss the winters here. It is hot here right now but not humid and muggy…just HOT! It will be something else to have to travel far for snow and never have to make a fire in the house.

I’ll tell you what I won’t miss…

My white ass carpet! I have no idea why someone would have white carpet in a town where there is nothing but dirt. I am going to love not having white carpet.

The terrible, not friendly, giving a bad name to our town, no good doers. Since having kids it seems more and more of these have moved into town. I won’t miss them at all!

Drama, Drama, Drama. From growing up in such a small town everyone knows your business. And if they don’t, they pretend to and the gossip will soon ensue. I can not stand that and won’t be missing it one bit.

Driving so far for anything. Right now it’s 45 minutes any given direction just for groceries. Not to mention that if we decide to join an extra curricular it’s not only the 45 minute drive but the 2 or 3 hours to participate and drive home.

The adventure began when I started packing and will soon become an amazing journey that my family and I will take together. Let the new chapter begin!



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Keep Moving

As we get extremely close to our move date, it was nice to a break and visit with family yesterday. Laughter and fun was all that was going on here yesterday. And eating, drinking and hair cuts. It is hard to say “See ya later” when we don’t know when that will be but just getting to spend some time together before that happens is somewhat calming.

Of course that had to come to an end and as I look around my house today and outside it hits me just how much I still have to do. To be ready by the date I have set against myself is completely do-able but it means really cracking down. All will be ok and I haven’t begun to turn into a psycho, crazy, emotional wreck as of yet. So I think we might be good on that front. There are days when I just want to cry, overwhelmed with packing and cleaning. But I crank up the volume and don’t stop for anything. If I didn’t do that I don’t think things would have progressed this far at all!

The kids are both out of school and ready or not for our new adventure. They ask me every day how much longer we will be here. So even if they aren’t excited, they keep asking me and I think deep down are intrigued with what is soon to come. The road trip out there will most likely be the hardest. Having the animals and kids in one car might just push me over the edge! We shall see!

Today is back to the grind and hoping no one kills each other!

Happy Saturday!



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It is that time yet again….


With everything that has been going on, I still have scads to be thankful for. Some days it’s harder than others to realize it but every day has something special to offer.

Today I am thankful that it is Delylahs last day of kindergarten! It will be so nice not to have stop what I am doing to go get her. It is bittersweet as this is her last day with the friends she has made. It will be a great day for her!

I am thankful that I am almost done packing! I see a light at the end of the tunnel and can begin deep cleaning my life away. Just a few more boxes and taking down bed frames. WOOO!

I am thankful Travis is home! We will be able to get so much done together this week. It will be nice to have the help and have the company! I might be going crazy….

I am thankful for my carpet shampooer. Yes, that is weird but at this present moment it is my best friend. My white carpet will appreciate it too.

I am thankful when my phone doesn’t ring or get notifications. Not that I’m not grateful when it’s someone seeing how I am handling life… but I am so busy right now…everyone knows that. But every time I get a text, phone call or email I have to stop what I am doing. It could be the lender or real estate agent. I might have to stop what I’m doing for paperwork or something. It just makes my day a little more hectic than it already is.

I am extremely thankful for my kids. They have been a rock for me when Travis is gone. We had to spend most of the day away from home yesterday and they were fantastic! They knew it was going to be a long day and they were exceptionally well! I love them!

I am thankful that the power is back on this morning. I wouldn’t be able to get what I want done without it.

All these things are small. You don’t have to have something detrimental happen to be thankful for the days. The small things add up to be those big things. Be thankful for life!

Happy Thursday



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Yesterday I got to watch my big girls graduation from Kindergarten! Not only that but I got to see the high school kids graduate as well. It was a bittersweet day as this will be our last time at the school I grew up in. The school I went to kindergarten at and graduated from.

5 years ago was Levi’s turn to graduate kindergarten. He grew immensely and for a while absolutely loved learning. Of course, once puberty hit that came to a screeching halt but he’s still got his smarts about him. He and Delylah had the same teacher. I have known him and his family since I was about Delylahs age. He has known my husband for just as long as well. Growing up in a small town you get to have special bonds and long lasting relationships with people that you wouldn’t get in a larger town or city. He is an amazing teacher and all the kids love him! Who wouldn’t want an upbeat, energetic, funny guy as their kindergarten teacher?

IMG_20110601_095903 IMG_20110425_130309

Look at that hair!

I remember when Levi began kindergarten and Delylah was just a wee baby. I couldn’t volunteer in his class because I had her. It was actually no different this year. Volunteering for Delylahs class was impossible as I chose to home school this year. But it all worked out for the best. She has separation anxiety. Levi had it when he was little too. Not to mention everything else going on in our lives right now. At some point, whether by choice or not, you’ve got to cut that cord and watch them grow! Delylah has had an amazing first year of school. She was named Miss Courageous by her teacher. She has overcome a lot and is still learning to take on the world as it gets tossed at her. A life lesson I am glad she is learning early on.

kinder class kinder grad teacher kinder grad

Going to high school graduation and having my kinder graduate and my soon to be 6th grader watching young adults begin the transition into the real world was also a  bittersweet moment. Explaining to them that this is what it will be like someday for them and it was what it was like for me. Although, I remember my graduation being more up beat, probably because of the amazing group of kids we were.

graution my gradutaionclass of 2016

My graduation and graduation 14 years later!!!

What a special day for all the graduates. Big and small! A moment in their lives they will cherish forever and never forget!



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