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Everything Is What You Make It

When it doesn’t matter what you have or how much of anything you have for that matter. But that you can all be together lovingly and happy. That’s really all we need.

The uncertainty of Travis’ transfer with work will be coming to a close soon. Moving may very well be a part of it and I have embraced that without even knowing if that will truly happen. Going through cabinets, rooms, closets and drawers to remove ALL unwanted and un-used items so if we are moving it will be slightly easier….at least the packing part. We don’t need all this stuff anyways. It’s just stuff. As long as we have each other, support each other in the decisions each makes and do our best in life, that is truly all that matters.

I have already adjusted to the fact that we could be moving. I’m ok with that. Which is sort of funny. When we bought the house we live in now (mind you it’s 5 miles from the one we moved out of) I did not want to move. I was happy, content and loved my little house. We argued about moving but it happened and I ended up loving the house and all the work it always needs. Now all of a sudden we might have to move and I’m all for it. Kind of weird. But it’s different this time. It’s for Travis’ job not because we simply want to move across town in a different house. I have not worked for 11 years. I have had the privilege of staying home and raising the kids. Why should I make it harder for him when it’s already a high stress situation?

Moving could be fabulous! A new place. New experiences. Different places to travel.

If we don’t have to move that is great too but I will still be getting rid of our stuff. Since I began going through every thing I realize we simply don’t need a lot of what we have. So either way, the uncertainty has been a good thing. Realizing what’s really important.

We continue to wait and embrace every day as it comes to us.

Happy Monday!


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Traveling With Monsters

I travel a lot. Not always far but sometimes we are always in the car. My kids are so used to just being in the car they don’t ask “when are we gonna be there?” The whole week of vacation we drove all over the desert. Then yesterday I schlepped them to Orange County to visit family. They don’t mine being in the car but they hate being away from home all the time!

I have found a few things that have helped me with road trips wbether be gar or only 45 minutes.

Lots of Snacks- I pack a snack bag with snacks seperated for both kids and lota of water. I used to keep the bag with me and hand them to the kids but now I jist give them the whole bag and let them go at it. Snacks are a must!

Movies- Luckily I have TV in the car and we always change the movies out every road trip so they are watching something different all the time. Recently it has been the entire Batman collection.

Electronic Devices- My kids are the generation of tablets, IPOD, IPAD, Leapster. If you want any peace (besides the movie) you bring them. Making sure there’s one for each kid to ensure no fighting.

A Whip or Something Similar – One time my kids were acting up. Fighting and yelling while I was trying to drive. I found a beef stick and just started swinging in the back. They stopped right away and I didn’t even make contact. They probably thought I was crazy. A fly swatter, horse whip or beef stick. All of these things will work great!

Ignore- I have learned to ignore the fighting and he said, she said bull crap. I can’t always fix everything or be flailing a whip around the car. It might even be an argument I should probably intervene in but I just ignore. They eventually figure it out and I didn’t have to stress out while driving to fix anything.

Sing and Dance- We do this like weirdos and laugh at each other. The love 70’s and 80’s music!

I Think I See- We play I think I see or I spy with my little eye. They are basically the same. The kids are cheaters and always change what they see but it’s still fun and passes some time.

I like driving with my kids and road tripping all over. They are good in the car most of the time and I have my snacks, devices and movies to thank for that! Don’t stress when traveling anywhere. Make it easy for yourself and bring some snacks!

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It Hurts To Be Pretty

Yesterday I changed my tragus piercing for what seemed like the first time in at least 14 years. I got them done when I was 18 and have only tried to change them a couple of times with the help of Travis and always ended up putting the original earings in.

I bought studs instead of rings and decided it’s time for a change. At least for a little while.

For one, it’s ridiculously hard to change the damn earing and I have no idea how people do it. I even You Tubed how people do it and they just feel around for hole inside your ear. Ya, I couldn’t seem to find the damn hole! Awesome!  Second, the earing I bought happened to be 1 gauge bigger than what I had in so pushing them through didn’t feel that great and my ears feel like I just got them pierced again. Of course I needed help. Travis was at work so my brothers girlfriend helped me. We should have got it on video because I’m sure it was entertaining.

Now they are changed and look pretty. It hurts to be pretty because my ears are killing me this morning. After having them in since yesterday I look at them in the mirror and think the rings are better! I didn’t go through this to just take them out and if I take them out now I’m sure that will be painful too. So we are going with it for a while. At least until they don’t hurt anymore. I’m sure there has got to be an easier way or easier studs for the tragus. Maybe by the time I decide to do this again I will have found them.


I don’t remember how long my ears hurt when I first got them done. That seems like ages ago. So hopefully this doesn’t last long!!


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Watching, Growing, Embracing

As each day passes I watch my kids grow in ways I don’t think I expected when I first became a mother. I knew they would grow up and be teenagers and adults one day but all of the aspects that come with that growing can be astounding.

Delylah is 6. She got to go to Disneyland yesterday with friends and arrived home very late and half asleep. But not sleepy enough because she began to tell me how “cool” Disneyland was and how much fun she had. Even when I said “Ok, it’s time to sleep,” she kept rambling on. She’s like her mother in that way. Never stops talking once she has something to talk about. At 6 years old, using phrases like “It was very interesting, I just don’t feel well, That is ridiculous.” It makes you laugh when big words and phrases come out of a 6 year olds mouth but then makes you wonder if she knows the words. Although she must. She uses them in the right context. She likes to be her own person and is always the first to walk up to kids on the playground at the park or anywhere and say “Hi, I’m Delylah what’s your name?” She loves and hates to school. She likes to learn but hates work. She was once this small baby watching “Your Baby Can Read” videos and now she’s a young girl learning about making choices, the consequences/reactions that come with that and how to be a respectful human being. I love that my kids say “yes ma’am, yes sir, no ma’am, no sir.” Respect is getting lost in the new generation but if just a few kids hang on to it they may be able to spread it around.

Levi is 10! All things pubescent are in the air in Levis world right now. Like Delylah, he will spout words and phrases other kids his age do not and he understands them better than some adults. He has always been my shy, not outgoing, stick to mamas side kinda guy. As of late though he is breaking out of his comfort zone. For the first time (I’d say ever) he walked up to a kid at the park and just started talking. They didn’t exchange names, I guess that’s a girl thing but they did talk for at least 30 minutes with Levi being the initiator. This is HUGE! Since I started home schooling Levi, he has come out of his shell so much more. I’m sure it has a lot to do with other kids and their judgy ass hole remarks that Levi will have to learn to deal with in life no matter what. But he doesn’t have 30 other kids judging his every move during class and even more during lunch and recess. He’s free to be a nerd and enjoy his subjects or sometimes not. Other people have noticed a difference in Levi too and that is amazing. We have struggled with Levi’s anger and emotions for a long time. To see him want friendships now, to right his wrongs on his own and not be so sensitive about people just looking at him warms my heart. He was once this angry kid with outbursts that didn’t like to be around people and is now learning to control his anger, fix his wrong doings, break out of his comfort zone without being pushed and start the conversations.

Sometimes as a parent you think you’re doing everything wrong. You can’t fix everything and it tears you up. I have had to learn to let that go when we couldn’t help Levi. I couldn’t fix him, it was something he had to learn on his own and he has begun that process and it’s amazing to watch as it unfolds. Sometimes you have to let things run their course and let kids learn to fall so they know how to pick themselves up. One of the hardest things as a parent and one of the most rewarding. You think you are failing. But if you just wait long enough you will reap the benefits of watching your children grow larger from it than you ever thought possible. They grow and so do you! How is that failing? You taught them more by letting them learn to deal with it than you ever could have by taking over. Something that has taken me a while to learn. The best parts of parenting come from knowing they will be ok no matter what.

Embrace watching them fall, learn and grow.


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