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Sunday- Family, Fun Day!

We are going to have nothing but fun, family time today!

It’s amazing that my kids are still sleeping but we are going to make a wonderfully big breakfast together when they get up. Delylah loves to cook and Levi loves to help out in the kitchen.

We have board games to play, that I will probably lose at. I think the kids cheat. They get that from their great grandma.

A Mario Kart racing challenge that I actually might have a chance of winning. It’s a slim chance but it’s a chance.

Followed by some doll dressing and hair brushing. They are in desperate need of some pampering.

The kids also have some Lego sets that need to be built and displayed in Levi’s Lego city that is growing rapidly!

The weather is crappy so it’s a perfect day to play together and get some family time in before the next hectic week begins!

Enjoy every minute with your family.


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I Thought We Were Friends, But Maybe Not

As you grow older you can sometimes more easily realize who is your “real” friend and who isn’t. I know Travis and I have gone through many friendships of people just using us to get what they want and then when they are done they split or when we are done they try to back pedal their way our of taking advantage of us by using every excuse in the book. So, I thought we were at a place now where we had our good friends. There are very few of them. People we could count on and that could count on us. People that would tell us if something is bothering them, whether it be with us or their own lives, instead of holding it in to just stop talking to us all together without us even knowing there was a problem.

That actually doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t mind losing friends. If I lost them, they weren’t meant to be anyways. Except for that the fact that all the people we are friends with have kids. So inevitably our kids make friends. When your “friends” do that, they aren’t just taking away your friendship but the friendships your kids have built with each other as well and that is where I have a problem.

Maybe you don’t agree with how we live or what we do. That’s fine. I don’t need someone in my life that is judging me all the time. If you have an issue, just tell me. I am not going to change or be mad but then we all know how you feel. Once that is done and you don’t want to continue a friendship with me then again, tell me! Instead, people say nothing and now my kids are wondering what they did and why they can’t play with their friends. I have no answer because the people I thought were our friends decided not to share a problem with me. If there was one at all.

Friendship isn’t always easy. It goes both ways. People get busy and lives change. Does that mean you lose all sense of communication and leave other people hanging? My best friend of 19 years, going on 20 years, lives far from me. We don’t talk everyday and sometimes we don’t talk every month. But we do still keep in contact and don’t hold it over the other one about why they haven’t been calling. I know if I haven’t talked to her for 5 months and I need to vent she will listen. I know that if it’s been that long and I call her just to chat she’s not going to act like I’ve been to busy for her. Everyone has a life and our lives are constantly changing.

My kids are too young yet to understand how true friendship works and when this came about no matter how I explained it, they feel like the bad guy. I have a problem with that. All because some other grown ass people, that are supposed to be our friends, couldn’t share how they felt. Whether they feel like we are too busy for them or never call them. Maybe it’s because we drink. I’ll never know.

That is why I don’t just make friends with every Tom, Dick and Sally around. That is why to be my friend you must win my trust.

Friendship is hard and if it’s a friendship that’s worth it, you figure it out. I have called and tried my best. Asked questions but got nothing. Sometimes there is no figuring it out and you have to let it go. I’ve let go a lot of friends in my life and I know the ones I still have are the ones that are meant to be. I hope to teach my kids that as well.


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One Day At A Time

As I am on the verge of getting better I decided yesterday to go outside and get stuff done. This may or may not be good for my sickness but I feel like I haven’t gone outside and gotten stuff done since I started home schooling. I used to be outside doing stuff all day every day, so the flower beds were neglected as well as the rest of the yard.

In between subjects Levi and I went outside and tackled all the flower beds. Got them weeded and watered. Today I’m hoping to get back out there and cut back all the roses and bushes. At some point we will get to the garden but that’s a much  bigger job and I can hear him complaining about helping me already! The chicken coop got done and the duck pond was re filled. All the animals were happy.

We are down to 2 pigs here on the ranch. No more breeding pigs for me! Yay! I didn’t mind doing it but you really put more into it than you get out. Financially, physically and mentally! The pigs really only liked me which made it a pain in my ass! The 2 pigs we do have are ready to be butchered very soon! Then I won’t have to worry about them anymore. My biggest worry will be what kind of pork I’m going to make my family for dinner!

Let’s hope today goes as good as yesterday and I am able to get more stuff done outside. I’m feeling good and it’s a beautiful day!


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Thankful Thursday And Always

Thankful Thursday is a post I enjoy doing. It gets me thinking and sometimes it’s hard to come up with things I am thankful for when I know I have tons to be thankful about. Gratitude towards life whether you are going through tough/hectic times or you’re riding it high is something that makes you happier even in those shitty times. Makes you not worry about the bull shit or the small stuff. No matter what you’re going through, there is always something to be thankful for.

Today I am thankful for my supportive family. Since I started my blog they read it and vote for it. Travis has been there for me every step of the way. Besides my blog they are always there as well. If I think I screwed up with the kids and am now taking it out on myself Travis is always there to reassure me that our kids are sometimes ass holes. Even if that’s our fault, he reminds me that I’m not screwing up. We are all learning together. As Delylah got better from her sickness I got sick and the kids together are constantly asking what I need and if I feel ok. The love and support that they are always giving me means more to me than they will ever know.

I am thankful for social media. As ludicrous as it is, it helps my family that is far away see photos of us and share in the memories that we are creating. It has helped me get my blog out there. Without social media my blog would not be doing as good. My bestest friend lives far from me and in the past couple months we have sent each other more snaps and face book comments than ever before. When times are hectic and we can’t talk to each other or send texts constantly it’s nice to receive a snap of her night.

I am thankful for Showtime. Yep, even something trivial as a T.V channel. I don’t watch much T.V at all. In fact during the day the T.V is not on until the afternoon and even then it’s what the kids want to watch. But when I do get to watch it my favorite show is on Showtime. Of course it’s not kid friendly so I have to watch after they go to bed, which makes the channel even that much more special. I get to have alone time while watching my favorite! It’s sort of like a win, win for me!

I am thankful our taxes are done! It always takes me forever to do them and I always feel like I’m forgetting something. Now I can file all that crap away and be done with it until next year!

I am thankful for medical insurance. Delylah is always sick. Between seeing the allergists, getting her meds and every cold/flu season. Levi’s therapist and all the medical stuff we went through with him. The time he fell out of the tree house or when she smashed her face open and I made 2 back to back ER trips. My surgery. I couldn’t imagine what all the doctor visits  and medication would cost without insurance. Something people forget about and take for granted. I use our insurance a lot and I am soo thankful to have it!

Take some time out of your day and think about what you are thankful for.


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