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Things Moms Would Never Say No To

When you become a parent the days can start to seem very long. From babies that never sleep to elementary aged kids that have extra curriculars after school. The always busy parent is taking kids places, cleaning up, working, making meals and much more. It could be made easier if only someone would offer these few suggestions. Suggestions that most moms would never say no to.

Twenty minutes of stopped time where everyone else is in suspended animation.

Someone saying “I will hold the baby while you_____”

Someone who will quietly get up with the kids and bring us coffee in bed without expecting it in return.

A car detailing- Opening that car door to find your always on the go crap always in there can get old.

A shower without a limit or interruptions!

Someone who offers to the dishes after dinner.

Alone Time- You don’t have to threaten any parent with a good time. They will gladly take it.

A girls weekend- Someone needs to offer me this…STAT!

If someone was offering you these things, which would you pick?





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There And Back Again

I don’t think the kids will ever forget their first plane ride!

First mom takes the wrong exit and they both worry that we will be lost forever and miss out flight. Then I stand in the wrong line at the airport for at least 20 minutes. (My bad, they should have more signs)

After all of that scrambling, which seemed to take forever so I understand the kids worry, we were finally at our gate awaiting the arrival our plane. The kids loved watching planes take off and land. They were sucked up against the windows a lot! They see our plane arrive and are ecstatic! They hear over the loud speaker that they will begin boarding and want to immediately line up no matter what I tell them. OK. Then the delay began. There was some elders on that plane that needed extra assistance getting off that took longer than I think anyone expected! My kids were antsy and bored and never wanted to fly again and they hadn’t even gotten on the plane yet!

We finally are able to board and they are super excited once again. The look on their faces when the plane took off was priceless. One of excitement, One of nervousness.

11218824_1143209755707282_5487742520549480200_n 12074571_1143209712373953_1180934572333496233_n

After we were in the air they were over it and their first flight had lost that “new” feeling.

Once we arrive in Oregon my kids love it there! Running through the trees and playing in the forest. Plus this time there was an extra amount of family there that my kids and I got to spend time with. It was a nice get away for all of us.

They did their parts for the wedding (I was worried), which was very beautiful, even though Levi had a frown on his face he did not complain about his job at all!


11250032_542713605880773_2350814205045255245_n 12043145_542713535880780_1807654090672124277_n

It was an exhausting weekend because we made it so. But I would not have had it any other way!

As soon as we got back to California we didn’t stop. We went straight to Sea World for more fun! (And because I might be crazy!)


My kids were quite excited to be back in Sunny California and able to run around Sea World touching fishies and eating cookies!

Today is back to reality. School, Ranch and House Work. I wouldn’t have it any other way. We are loving life!


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Awesome New Adventure

Today will be my kids very first airplane ride!

They are excited and nervous but very anxious to once again be back in Oregon! They absolutely love it there and they love being at my Aunts.

Last night we were going over what they thought the plane ride would be like.

Delylah’s response, “It’s going to go up for 1 minute and come back down. It’s going to be soo fast.”

Levi’s response, “They’re gonna have food and t.v and hopefully we don’t crash.”

I think Levi has seen too many movies.

I do not like to fly. My kids know this. I do not like the entire experience. Getting to the airport, figuring out where to go, waiting, finding your seat, not knowing what the hell is happening when the plane is making weird ass noises. Then you reach your destination and don’t know where to go. People are rude as all hell. I have only flown a couple of times. To Colorado and back when I was 12 and to Arizona and back last year. Both were terrible experiences but I got to be intoxicated for one of them. I really don’t think that helps that much though.

This time I have courage for my kids and want them to have an amazing experience, not be little scaredy cats like me. (I am also afraid of heights, planes just suck) So, this is going to be awesome! It has to be. After my day yesterday, today owes me!

Besides being their first time on a plane, it is also Delylahs first time being IN a wedding! She is so excited and has been telling everybody how she is the flower girl in a wedding! I hope that excitement doesn’t leave her when it’s her turn to walk down the aisle!

We are off on our newest adventure!

Wish us luck!


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Reasons Why 5 Is The Best Age

I absolutely love my kids. It would seem though that when they are 5 they are even more loveable. Yes my 5 year old daughter can be a whiny, opinionated drama queen but she is also super helpful in a lot of ways. My son was the same when he was 5. They are also super cute at 5! These are my reasons why 5 is the most loved age.

They actually want to help you and are proud to do so- Sometimes without even asking they want to help out. It’s pretty much awesome and all the help you can get is needed. Soon they will be older and you will have to drag them from the black hole they call their room just to get them to speak to you!

When they say how pretty you look it’s on a larger scale than you even know.

They can wipe their own butts- This is life changing for parents. Not having to run to the bathroom every time they have to go potty feels pretty damn good. Knowing you’ve succeeded in another milestone just ensures that you’re doing your job right. (and so are they)

They have longer attention spans- They can actually sit down, listen to directions and finish a whole project. They will be just as proud as you are when it’s all done!

They are little philosophers!- Kids say things like “I’ll be whatever age the world needs me to be.” They are like little Dalai Lamas.

They can entertain themselves for a good stretch- After so many years of “Mommy can you play with me?” There is finally silence. When you go to see what is going on, they are playing peacefully by themselves. It’s an “AW” feeling.

Their sense of humor is better developed- This usually means potty jokes but you have to start somewhere. No one is above potty jokes.

They are just so damn cute!!!!


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