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The Schedule….

As busy as my life is (and it is busy as shit) I still have time for board games with my kiddos every night and riding quads with them every day. Which is part of the schedule I made for them. I posted a little tid bit about the schedule I had made to keep the blow ups from happening and it has helped amazingly! Now it doesn’t say “go ride quads.” It says play outside. The kids choose what we do. Sometimes I have to do a little yard work and then can play with them or they help me so I can be done faster but so far it has helped us be a stronger family.

The schedule isn’t on a certain time of day as it’s still summer vacation….for now. And I do find it a little strict. I set timers for t.v time and video game time but when the timers go off they are ready and willing to jump to the next thing. The first few days were rough when it came to chore time but now they don’t mind.

So I’m sharing my daily routine with everyone. Maybe it will help you if you need it. I know I did. You can modify it or not use it. I just love how it has been working for us!














I didn’t specify times because I let them sleep in and we have karate in the afternoons so on some days they miss some of #7 and #8. But when we get home they still help feed the animals and play outside a little bit. They usually never get 45 minutes of video game time because they sleep late and it’s lunch time and they really don’t mind. They used to play video games all the time. Now that is the only time they can play during the day. They get dressed and make their beds right when they get up without being prompted too. The schedule for me has been a blessing. I have 2 kids. So we alternate what they watch. 1 kid picks 1 day or in the morning and the other one the next time. Same with the video games. No more fights. No more yelling. Less stress for me and I have more help with all that I do!

Go Me!


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It’s Hard To Make Friends

It’s hard to make friends when you’re a mom. More importantly to keep them.

You have these tiny humans you pushed out or adopted or whatever and now you need friends more than ever!

You will go and try to find them anywhere you can but here’s my advice that you can shun at your own risk.

Parenting Classes- Yes you will go and meet lots of moms going through the same thing as you but none of you have actually had your babies yet. But these friendships are destined to failure because you can’t tell what kind of parents anyone is going to be from their breathing techniques. More often than not conflicting parenting styles (especially with infants) is a slow death in friendships.

Baby socializing groups- Same as above. Babies haven’t had any time to be ruined little ass holes yet so you don’t know what kind of parents you are talking to. The baby surely can’t tell you. To find out sit yourself down pull out a bottle for the baby and a drink for yourself. This will separate the real from the fake. The ones who come over because they didn’t bring enough drink mix for themselves are the ones you talk to.

Toddler playgroups- These have easy to spot moms to talk to. Just watch as they pull up to the play ground. The real ones will be frazzled have fishy crackers falling out of their cars when they open the doors. Kids with their hair not brushed. That’s your mom to have adult conversation with!

Elementary school- Your kids are busy making friends all through the elementary school years. That doesn’t mean you have to be friends with every single one of those kids moms. Dig deep. Find out who they are through your kid before making that “mom friend” leap! These are also the years of PTA moms. But be careful. Being a PTA mom you either are ok where you are and being told what to do or fighting your way to the top! Which means other moms will hate you!

High school- Well it’s a little late to be making “mom friends” now isn’t it? Your kids want nothing to do with you. You don’t even know who their teachers are! Besides everything is now run by a secret of coven of Queen Bees that raise money for the band and find you unworthy. Those bitches!

Work- Everyone is fighting for the top dog position and bitches are ruthless. Never forget that! That mom will do what it takes to get that 2$ raise to feed her family of 6 before you get to feed your family of 7 just because she can!

If you have been successful in finding awesome woman friends in your life over the years, whether you are a mom or not, it is an amazing thing. Those same women that got wasted with you, held your hair or you held theirs, went through morning sickness with you, squabbles and bullshit with you, will still be there with you during your transition to menopause. Those are the ladies you want to keep close. Deal with their shitty moments with love and understanding because they deal with yours too! Celebrate your lives together and stand by each other fiercely!

I am grateful to have 2 beautiful ladies in my woman tribe and by my side for life! It really doesn’t matter how who I’ve known the longest they are both my best friends and I love them unconditionally!

mel and me
       Friends for 19 years and counting!


      Friends for 6 years and counting!


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It’s OK

Society today has led us all to believe that certain things are not OK. Whether in public or in privacy, they are just not OK. Maybe they used to be back in the day but forget about doing any of that now. Or maybe they never were and people can never change so forget about ever doing something like.


It’s ok to let your kids get dirty. Like really dirty. Not change to eat lunch because they are going to go back out and get dirty again. Believe me. It’s gonna be OK!

It’s ok to drink around your kids. Do you think that “back in the day” that was un called for? The days when booze and cigarettes were the outlets? Right! There’s much worse things that you could be doing. Don’t do those.

It’s ok to cry. Cry in public. Cry at home. Cry because you’re happy. Cry because you’re sad. Doesn’t matter if you’re male or female for this one. Crying is A-OK. It’s not a sign of weakness. It’s quite the opposite. You have to be a strong person to let it all out in the open for people to see.

Yelling. Now this one is frowned upon but that doesn’t mean it’s not OK. And you will receive an audience and people will think you’re an Ass Hole no matter the reason you’re yelling. It’s still OK!

 Simple PDA’s. People hate to see this. Some people hate to do this. But it’s OK! It’s LOVE people.. Get over it! Some people take it too far and there should be a limit that’s why I said “SIMPLE.”

It’s ok to say NO! Remember that slogan “Just say No?” You don’t have to say Yes to everything. You can say NO. It is polite to say yes and polite to help people out but you don’t have to. It’s all gonna be OK!

It’s ok to give your kids cereal for dinner. Yes, yes it is. The day was long and you’re gonna have salad that they won’t eat anyways. Cereal is just so easy and they can do it themselves. Yes. It’s OK!

It doesn’t matter what people think. It doesn’t matter what people do. It’s all usually OK! People will judge and jump to conclusions because they themselves feel like they can’t do what you’re doing or have justified why it isn’t right. Even if they chose to switch up their lives to incorporate the stuff they once thought wasn’t right doesn’t make them not OK. It is! It’s all OK!

Don’t judge. Days and Lives are hard but Life is OK. Choices make you. They can break you. But that is your choice and yours alone. And that’s all OK!


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Making Memories

I love camping with my family. Getting away, just us. (Even if we can’t afford it) It’s just nice to have no electronics, especially for the kids and spend quality time together. We may camp at a place that’s not far from home but it’s far enough and in nature.

phone photos end of july 2015 137 phone photos end of july 2015 179 phone photos end of july 2015 142 phone photos end of july 2015 156

They do things with us they don’t do at home without a fight because they’d rather hang with friends or play their tablets or with each other. (Until recently when I made a military type schedule to keep the blow ups at bay since someone….Levi…..does better with a routine scheduled life!)

phone photos end of july 2015 194 phone photos end of july 2015 183 phone photos end of july 2015 187

I know it’s all worth it when my daughter tells me “Do you know what I’m going to do when I get older? I’m going to go camping! A lot! And teach my kids to go fishing and play games.”


We fish and never catch a thing yet she loves it! We play so many board games and Levi always wins and she loves it. This trip they learned checkers and rumy!

phone photos end of july 2015 151 phone photos end of july 2015 153 phone photos end of july 2015 147

Making memories and having fun. That’s what life is all about. Not about money and the finer things. Being with family. Not just your immediate family. Your WHOLE family. I can’t wait for the next 2 weeks to go by and I get to spend it with some of my family at the river to celebrate the life of my grandparents. Sharing in the making of amazing memories. Life’s greatest past time!

phone photos end of july 2015 200


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