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Traveling Up The Coast

Another wonderful day of traveling yesterday!

We went to the Oregon Vortex outside of Grants Pass. It is a natural phenomenon place where weird things happen. You should definitely check it out if you’re in the area or just look it up to see what it’s all about.

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It is said that back in the day (1800’s) no horse would even go through this small area. Animals are not seen there even now. Only along the outside of the barrier. It is based on the north magnetic pull. So things are bigger or smaller in that area because your mass changes. The bottles and balls all rolled up hill! Crazy! The kids dug this place. They refer to it as the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls, a cartoon my kids watch. Naturally they were all into it and talked about the show the entire time we were there.

From here we back tracked a little and headed on up the Oregon coast to my Aunts. We finally saw some wild animals. A whole herd of Elk and a whale! It was amazing. We are still waiting to see the bears, Bigfoots and wild cats!

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I can’t believe how many bridges there has been since we crossed over into Oregon! There seems to be a bridge in every town! These are only some of them. After we continued to see them I decided to start photographing them. Some are amazing!

more phone pics 061 more phone pics 064 more phone pics 068 more phone pics 071

We arrived to a lovely welcome at my Aunts where all of my cousins came to see us! Great food, Great family and even better memories! So excited to be spending a few days here then hitting the road again to see what else we can see!

more phone pics 074 more phone pics 075


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Another Day of Traveling and Sight Seeing

Yesterday was a day of exploring and driving. Which meant arguing kids and wishing my van had a limo divider window!

more trip 003 more trip 004

We left our hotel and headed up north to Legget California and the Redwood Forests. In Legget there is a drive thru tree that is man made and of course I wanted to check that out. We barely fit through the opening! It was pretty amazing to be able to drive through such an enormous tree and touch the inside of it. The kids couldn’t believe we were actually driving through a tree!

more trip 015 more trip 016 more trip 023 more trip 019

We continued onto the Avenue of the Giants. Its only 31 miles long but you take it slow so you can take it all irn so it takes some time if you’re in a hurry. While on this stretch of the drive we stopped, hiked and had a little picnic lunch. It was beautiful! There just happened to be another drive thru tree. This one was not man made. This one happened to split on its own and was an even tighter fit than the first! At this little park they had little houses built from the Redwoods. They would make a pretty awesome play house!

more trip 030 more trip 031 more trip 041 more trip 047 more trip 048 more trip 051

After this it was back on the road for quite some time trying to get to the Oregon Caves National Monument before they closed the tours down for the night. Of course we made it because I was driving! This place is hidden away down a terribly winding  road and kind of out of our way. Going in the cave for a 90 minute hike I maybe should not have done since I just had surgery and I was definitely feeling it by the time we were done but I would not have wanted to miss this! It was declared a Monument in 1909 but people had been going in the caves since the late 1800’s. It’s very cold in there. About 40 degrees and we were all in shorts! The kids really loved this part of the trip and this is something I would definitely do again when they are older. You have to be older to do the candle light tour or the tour that is more strenuous and you get to see other parts of the cave. Someday when they are of age to do that we will have to make our way back!

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Finally we made it to Grants Pass Oregon to stay the night. Where every hotel was booked up and we got the crappy end of the stick. A smoking room, blah, and a head ache but we saved some money!

Today we will be seeing a couple more things as we head on up north to my Aunts! First stop is Gravity Falls!


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Our Vacation Day 2

We began our vacation on Thursday the 25th. We headed to Travis’ Aunts in Hollister. The one place so far I don’t have photos of. We laughed and ate and drank wine together! Wonderful visit!

Then yesterday we headed on to San Francisco. Driving in San Francisco is a pain in the ass! Seeing the sights and the city because we got lost so much was pretty awesome though. Even the kids enjoyed that part.

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Travis had gone to San Francisco when he was a kid with his mom and grandma but the rest of us had never been there. We went straight to Pier 39. All Levi wanted to do was take a tour on Alcatraz (which we did not do) and ended up buying a book to read all about it. He probably knows more about it than I do.

Really we just walked around taking it all in and taking photos. Finally we got to have lunch. Crab, Mussels (a first for me and Levi) and Shrimp! Delicious! Bibs and all!

phone photos june 2015 673 phone photos june 2015 661 phone photos june 2015 674 phone photos june 2015 663 phone photos june 2015 665 phone photos june 2015 670

After lunch we headed over to the submarine and battleship. A couple of Levi’s favorite things. In the submarine I always try to get the kids to lay in the bunks to take their photos but since they can read and it says DON’T LAY ON THE BUNKS they don’t want to do it. I got Levi to at least sit on it this time!

phone photos june 2015 675 phone photos june 2015 677 phone photos june 2015 679 phone photos june 2015 680 phone photos june 2015 682 phone photos june 2015 683

Finally we headed over to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Of course we all loved that! There are some really weird things out there.

phone photos june 2015 684 phone photos june 2015 685 phone photos june 2015 695 phone photos june 2015 691 phone photos june 2015 701

Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge was pretty awesome as well. There is a little house at the base of north side of the bridge. Amazing that someone once lived there.

phone photos june 2015 720 phone photos june 2015 716 phone photos june 2015 715 phone photos june 2015 712 phone photos june 2015 710

Then it was on the road again. We headed up the PCH for a bit which is the most beautiful drive. But as many road trips go when there was a fork in the road we took it looking for a hotel and ended up in Santa Rosa California. Good Times!

Swimming and T.V to finish off a successful second day!

Looking forward to day 3 and the Redwoods!


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After Surgery

It’s been a couple of days since my surgery and I’m feeling good.

I was a little frustrated yesterday when I was having bad side effects from the pain killers (which I am no longer taking) and then remembered everything Travis told me the doctors had said.

So right after surgery they go talk to Travis and come to find out my cyst had ruptured and my ovaries were good. I didn’t need surgery!!! I had only asked for the tubal ligation because they were already going to be in there. Had they only done an ultrasound prior to putting me under they would have known the cyst was gone. Looking back I believe I can pin point when it ruptured. I believe it was saturday at dinner. I was all of a sudden in way more pain than I had been having. But I didn’t think anything of it. I had been having pain for a month.

I would not have chosen to go through surgery to remove my fallopian tubes without doing the other surgery simply because it’s so much easier for Travis to recover.

Either way it’s done now. My cyst was still very large (like a football) so there is a lot of fluid that needs to dissipate inside of me. I now am at a higher risk of them happening again and being very large. So even though I no longer have fallopian tubes and can not get pregnant the only way to regulate ovulation and control getting a cyst is to take birth control or remove my ovaries. I chose to take birth control since removing my ovaries would throw my body into menopause.

We had planned a family vacation that starts tomorrow until July 10th. We are still going! Going up to San Fransisco, The Red Wood Forest, Oregon Caves, My Aunts in Oregon, Gardnerville Nv for a family Reunion then Mono Lake and Yosemite!

Great way to recover!


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