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Something Is Wrong

As we are driving to a family function out of state I have plenty of time to reflect on my past week. On Monday my Best Friend took me to the ER for abdominal pain and some bloating that I suggested was nothing. After being there for 5 hours the only answers I received were “you have a large ovarian cyst, go see your OBGYN.” The very next day I call to make an appt relaying my urgency but to no avail. My appt is set for next week.

As this week has continued my bloating has continued to grow (so much that my daughter has asked if I am pregnant) and so has the horrible new trend to google side effects and symptoms. All saying such horrendous outcomes that I would be horrified to have happen. Still I wait.

I have tried calling the doctor to get in sooner and even tried calling other doctors. No one can get me in sooner and my own doctor can’t seem to even call me back. All adding to my frustration. On top of this my kids and I have sinus issues, again adding to my aches and pains. Still I Go On.

So as of right now, this is it. No more treacherous googling or what ifs? I could what if and google myself to death. I will wait until my appt hoping for the best knowing I can not control the outcome of this. I can only control how I perceive it. I choose to see the good in this. Surprisingly there is quite a bit. I’ve had to stop, take a break from some of my strenuous activities (which is hard for me to do) and make my kids spend more time with me. They’d rather not sometimes but they’ve been really good! We all have! Its been the hardest on my husband. He dislikes not being in control and not being able to fix his sick wife. I know no matter what it is that is wrong I will be fine, I will overcome and we as a family will be stronger in every way!

I will keep everyone updated! Thank you all for your support!


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An End For A Beginning

 It is the end of another school year. 4th grade for my son. Today is the last day and he hasn’t gone to school all week. Nor will he be going to school in the public school next year. This is it for my son. Home school here we come! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have great friends! It makes me extremely happy to know he has some amazing kids in his life.

Yesterday one of his best friends came over and brought all of his school work and his year book for him! It was so nice and a lovely surprise. All the times of me telling him you don’t need 20 friends you just need a few really, really good ones has paid off. He really must have been listening because that’s what he has. I have no worries that his year or years of homeschooling will go great knowing he has great friends that he will see and support him as well as his awesome family.

Today we go to his school for the last time (for him) to pick up his report card. An ending to something in such a small town that I grew up that means so much. But having a new beginning that will bring so many different things for him. Its exciting and scary but I believe all so necessary for him to excel!

The challenge soon begins!



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For years I wrote in a journal. I still do. That was and is my inspiration for writing this blog. I remember my very first journal. My Aunt Linda had given it to me as a gift for christmas in 1997. At first I thought what in the world am I going to do with this? Then one day something sparked my interest in writing down my feelings. BARF! But once I did I felt so much better. I kept it up and wrote anything and everything I could inside these books. Deeming them “private.” They are all full of my feelings. Good, bad, sad, angry. When I hated my parents or my friends and boyfriends. When I had my first child and had NO idea what I was doing and why he wouldn’t stop crying. Getting married. Everything went inside these books containing my feelings.

            My Journals. Top Left is my Very first journal ever!

One day after writing in my journal I thought to myself “why don’t I start a blog?” Same general idea it’s just not “private” anymore. I get to share it all with you! Lucky for me I don’t mind being criticized or judged. There will probably still be things I write “privately” in my journal but I love getting it all out!

Point being…When you start something you might not know where it will take you. You start it because it makes you feel good which in turn makes you want to do it more. You continue to do it for so long you branch out to something bigger! Like a blog or writing a book. When you learn to sew and it starts with something simple like blankets and turns into clothes and embroidery or handbags. You just never know what will take you where when you keep it up and have the dedication and motivation to make it whatever your heart wishes it to be.

Thank You to My Aunt Linda for getting me my first journal. I’m sure not knowing it would lead to this or catch on like it did. For always believing that I CAN DO WHATEVER I SET FORTH TO!


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How To Screw Up Your Kids

As if we needed any help in screwing them up anymore than we are already going to. Today we live in a society where everything you do or say to and with your children is scrutinized. Examples- “You are making those cookies with your kids? They are so unhealthy. Those snacks are full of sugar, they’re going to get cavities.” Just a few examples. When really you think baking cookies, no matter what kind, is spending quality time with your children. Another parent thinks otherwise.

Thank goodness for all those scrutinizing remarks or how else would I know that I’m screwing up my children! This all got me thinking about all the other ways I’m being irresponsible and screwing up my children and have been doing so for quite some time.

I’ve made a list of things that will help in the aid to screwing up your children too!

 1. Bake cookies with them. Making them fat and unhealthy.

 2. Let them play video games. No matter the rating, just letting them play is rotting their brain and teaching them horrible habits because they are going to apply whats happening in the game to real life.

3. Let them race their bikes with their friends. If you want them to join a motorcycle gang when they’re older.

4. Carry Them. If you want them to grow up to be lazy bums.

5. Take them to the zoo. If you want to teach them that keeping animals caged and in captivity are amusing concepts.

6. Read them books. If you want them to be dumb and never read a sign so they end up lost, or get a ticket for speeding because they can’t read. Great Job!

7. Push them on the swings. If you want them to learn that pushing is ok, even fun!

8. Hit up a fast food joint drive through so you can split a shake. If you want to teach them that drinking and driving is ok!

9. Draw with sidewalk chalk. If you want to raise graffiti-loving little hoodlums defacing public property.

10. Dance with them. If you want them to grow up and be XXX adult dancers!

11. Start a collection: rocks, stamps, coins, etc. If you want them to grow up and be hoarders surrounding themselves in their treasures!

12. Play Hide and Seek. If you want them to learn to run and hide away from their problems.

13. Play puppets with them. If you want to teach them to speak for someone else.

14. Fly a kite. If you want them to disrespect nature. Kite gets caught in a tree. LITTERER! Bird gets ensnared in string. MURDERER!

15. Build a fort. If you want to encourage antisocial behavior and seclusion.

16. Play Simon says. If you want to raise little Adolf’s!

17. Start a garden with them. If you want them to grow up and be poor farmers.

18. Swim with floaties. If you want them to always latch on to something or someone and never do things on their own.

19. Blow bubbles. Because we all know that leads to something else… hum…..

20. When they are sick give them medicine. If you want them to grow up and be drug addicts.

21. Write an article about random unsolicited advice from other parents. If you want them to grow up and not care what other people think and say! (I don’t think this one will actually screw them up!)



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