13 Years Of Learning

Travis and I have been together for 13 years! It’s a crazy number when I think about it and my age. It’s almost half of my life! We got pregnant after being together for a year.  We got married after being together for 6 years and then we had another baby. Things haven’t always been blissfully happy and we’ve had to learn a lot about each other, the kids and life itself to keep this going. But anything worth having, is worth it. We have learned a lot about each other and it has made us more attracted to each other and love each other even more after 13 years.

We back each other in our parenting decisions. No matter what it is. We back each other. I may not agree, he probably doesn’t agree but we always back each other and the kids know it!

We talk about everything. Money, bills, trash, bowel movements, vaginal discharge, rashes, work, kids, meals. You name it, we talk about it openly and when it happens. Not after we have stewed and let it simmer and forgotten the real point.

Say sorry. We always apologize. It doesn’t matter if it’s for not answering the phone or something stupid one of us said. We always apologize to each other for anything and everything. We care and we want the other to know it.

Sex. Ya, you had to know this was coming. Sex doesn’t get old because you have kids. It’s different and can be more exciting. Good for him, good for me, Sex.

We help each other. If he’s doing something in the yard or to his motorcycle or cars, I help him. Or I offer and sometimes he just wants me out of the way but sometimes he does want my help. I get things done so he doesn’t have to do them when he comes home from work. He helps me clean up, cook, decorate for the holidays. I always know if I have something to do, he will help me.

We do anything and everything together. When he’s home we walk the kids to the bus stop together. We go to the store together. He’s only home for a week at a time so we tend to whatever we have to do, together.

We know when to keep our mouths shut. Sometimes, it’s just not worth arguing about.

These are not full proof things for a relationship. These are what work for us and took us years to learn together. After learning them, we have become stronger as a couple, better parents and even more loving. It’s only been 13 years but I suspect we have many more years of learning together in our future!

Happy Tuesday My Friends



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