11 Signs You’ve Found Your MBFF

It is sometimes hard to find friends when you’re a mom. Even harder to keep them around. Women are judgemental, gossipy bitches so once you have found your MBFF (mom best friend forever) you should keep her around.

Here are some signs you might have found her!

1. She’s seen your dirty laundry (literal and figurative)- She’s lucky if the house is even a little picked up when she comes over. (Unless you are a neat freak…like me) She’s even luckier if you have a bra on. And just like she’s seen your house at its worst she’s also seen you at your worst. She knows with low doses of caffeine or alcohol you turn into a psychopath on a rampage. You yell and threaten and tell little prince if he empties his toys one more time they are going in the garbage. She sees the craziness in your eyes, pats you on the back and hands you a glass of wine. That’s love.

2. She’s picked up the pet names you use- You’ve caught her asking how bubba is doing or how princess tiny pants is excelling at potty training. When she called your kids their pet names it seemed totally normal.

3. She can parent your kids, You can parent hers- You might murder your mother in law for telling your kids what to do (Don’t worry Hetty I’m way over that now) But your BFF is a different story. When she barks an order, your kids better hop to it or else! They are gonna have 2 moms up their asses!

4. She’s always there to say you don’t suck- When your kid is having a melt down somewhere and some ass hole parent thinks they can tell you how much of an ass hole your kid is and that your parenting skills are lacking you can call your MBFF and vent. She will always be on your side and have your back!

5. She sticks up for you- In fact if she would have been there for the melt down and that ass hole parents remarks she would have reamed them a new one! It might now have been pretty…

6. She listens to you complain about….well anything!- She knows you love your husband and his inability to shut drawers. She knows your feelings about each in law, sibling, parent, child. EVERYTHING!!! You know the same about her.

7. You pick up each others slack-  Forget something shopping? One or the other’s got it. Having a party with lots going on and need help with the food or kids or presents? One or the others got it. ALWAYS!

8. Your cycles have synched- So you better watch out when it’s that time of the month and these girls are together. Total bitches on a wine trip!

9. You’ve given up on quarentines- Her kid has snotty boogers? Yours are bound to have them in a day or so anyways. You don’t worry about passing germs back and forth because by the time they surface, the damage is already done!

10. You’ve helped her clean- That’s not a secret. You know the disaster that her kids create. She knows the one your kids create. You both have done each others dishes and wiped down each others bath rooms.

11. Sister wives make sense- You know your life would be so much easier if you just shacked up, shared child care, housework and didn’t spend all your approximate time talking to people the size of hobbits. Except the husband sharing part, you’re in. Maybe build a compound…

I have 2 of these and they are awesome! As I was writing this I could think of times all of these things happened! I love my BFF’s!

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