10 Stages Of Getting Rid Of Your Kids Toys

It’s that time, yet again, where I go through my kids crap and throw out their toys. They hate it and want to hold on to everything. Just like every kid. Toys break, become disgusting to play with as the rubbery plastic gets all mushy and sticky on some and it’s just their time to pass on. Here’s a list of stages we go through to get all the crap toys out of here.

  1. First you think you can’t live without some of these toys. You bought, received or won them. But what you need to be thinking about is do they get played with? By your kids or just the kids that come over? Are they missing pieces or a tad broken? It’s time for them to go..
  2. Mentally mark them as a goner. This is important.
  3. Set up a holding area that your kids don’t know about or can’t find. Mine is in a cupboard that they never look in. There are trash bags filled with stuff for the next trip to goodwill.
  4. If your kids don’t like getting rid of their toys, wait until the next time they are out of the house. Whether it’s out to play, for school, went to the store with dad. Anything. That’s your free time to get things done!
  5. In the mean time one of the kids favorite dolls has been breaking apart and it’s hair is falling out. You decide to take action.
  6. You stuff it in the trash….
  7. Your kid comes home and uses the betrayal radar and knows somethings up and immediately rescues the ugly hairless doll from the garbage.
  8. The next day before your kid leaves they make you promise to not throw anymore of their toys away…
  9. You wait a few months and your kid has completely forgotten about the ugly hairless doll!
  10. The next time your kid leaves you throw it in trash and take the trash out! Getting rid of the ugly hairless doll forever! And ready to take whatever rath your kid has for you when they discover their “favorite” ugly doll is gone.

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of their toys. I go through my kids rooms all the time and get rid of broken stuff (which they still have a hard time getting rid of) and stuff they don’t play with anymore. If we didn’t do this our houses would be over run with crap. Literally crap! Some of the toys are awesome but they do not stay that way and all good things come to end. Sorry kids! Good luck cleaning out your kids crap…I mean toys!

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